tandem bike

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Do you guys know if I want to buy tandem bike for adult? My partner and I would love joining car free day in HI roundabout. Biking tandemly is our dream. We went to several bike stores but they didn't have any.


Archiee 1383040761

I've had a tandem bicycle in couple years back, Winner. It was appropriate indeed for fun cycling. I wish I could sell my tandem bicycle to you, in fact I have no idea where it is now. I assume this http://www.jakartasepeda.com/ can help you with it.


Akhmad 1383745430

Have you tried Bike Colony at Radio Dalam, South Jakarta? You may find what you're looking for.

Kahtan 1386688996

Thank you brothers for telling us the stores. I am looking for single bike, no tandem because I am alone. Are they selling cheap bicycle? Under 1 million rupiah preferably. I want to buy 1 to help me mobile in Jakarta. You know, the traffic is horrible and motorcycle is still expensive for me.

Khanza 1391641389

Do they sell something like electric bike? It's eco friendly, yet no need to put more effort LOL! I mean it, I'm looking something like that, do you have any idea?

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