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Do you guys have some tips about how to buy used motorbike in Jakarta? Motorbike is the best vehicle for Jakarta I supposed, but I won't get a new one as next year I'll move to the Philippine. Where's the best dealer for used vehicle in town?


Akhmad 1377614394

The documents are the most important thing, check everything and make sure they are complete and original. Continue by driving test to check if the motorbike is still in a good condition. Don't forget to bargain, you can bring friends (local) to help you. Be more careful Chris. 1377684255

If I may suggest, buy a new one. It's safer and guaranteed. My Indonesian friend had an unpleasant experience buying a used motorcycle, a lot of things needed to be repaired by then. You really have to watch out of fraud.

Christian89 1377705685

Many thanks for the advise, I know vehicle machine generally so it should be okay. Do you know some kind of dealers or showrooms for used motorbike?

Akhmad 1377863948

Have you heard about or they have long list of used vehicle, you only need to put the type of vehicle you want to check in the search, they'll lead you the the category you need. It's free and effective enough. But then again you need to be careful of all kind of scams.

Mario-884284 1378413854

Did you ever consider buying one from someone who has defaulted on their installments? The financing companies should be glad to  offload a second hand motorcycle for much less than its actual worth.


nol nol satoe 1378487969

Go to the Indonesia International Motor Show as everybody talks about.. you'll get enough references and sight seeing of course :>

Christian89 1379427368

Mario, where can I get it? It will be a good option to have cheaper motorbike in good condition, isn't it? What about the legality, anyway? 

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