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Van Hook



I just figure out that I have no towing service numbers at all so far, would you give me some? In case something happen I know who I'll contact to. The good ones please. 


bungJamiegoesCrazy 1391464724

Jakarta Towing Centre is the one I used to use, the number is 021.90294275 with 24 hours emergency service. Another good one is Garda Oto, 021.75900900.

Akhmad 1391525489

Here the list of towing centre that I know:

- AA Club in Jatinegara, ph: 8561024

- Metropolitan Cipta Tunggal in Tebet, ph: 8307475

- Buana Indomobil Trada in Sudirman, ph: 52897030

I am Rachel 1391714195

Jasa Marga is Indonesian highway corp, so you better use them for towing. This is the hotline +6221 80880123. Officially they are free of charge. Hoping it helps you.

Van Hook 1391887763

Great, thank you. Is it REALLY free?

Ajibb^^ 1396908296

I don't know there's FREE towing service in Jakarta seriously!! At least I have to have 300K in my pocket.. 

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