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Zadok104 1355277324

Good afternoon! 

Got this site from some business counterparts living in Bali and Singapore. Look pretty useful. 

Does anyone know if there are any big motorcyle clubs in Jakarta? Where do they hang out, if at all? Do they have Harley-Davidson agents there? Thinking of getting one of those, once I get reassigned to Jakata.

Is the traffic as bad as they say it is? Can people ride on big bikes there comfortably?


- where there is a will, there is a kate - 


Hendrik Arif 1355360563

Zadok try the Ikatan Motor Besar Indonesia, which should include clubs of Harley lovers.

The Jakarta secretariat is at 

Jl. Pangeran Antasari 36

Email : info@imbi-dki.or.id
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/imbi.Dkijaya

There website is http://www.imbi-dki.or.id (but mostly in Bahasa)


Admin-884155 1355362394

Thanks for posting that Hendrik !

timmy-941489 1389524803

hi, i would like to enquiry some questions of driving in Jakarta. I come from Hong Kong who have the official Hong Kong driving license, could i drive in Indonesia and is the traffic jam as bad as my own thinking?   

Loody Skarenda 1389621161

Hi timmy,

Only home country and international driving license are accepted here. Either you have one of them, you are freely to drive in Indonesia. More information about driving license please check out our Information of Driving License in Indonesia

For the traffic, compared to Hong Kong I think you have to prepare yourself. I cannot say it's so bad because we are used to it. But in "special" occasion such flood, road closure or accident, it can be so frustrated. Bangkok might be a good comparison. Hopefully it helps you giving out some pictures. 

Enjoy your time here!

Loody Skarenda

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