Which site is good for buying used cars?

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Hi guys, I've been living for a couple of years here in Indonesia, and I think it's become necessary to have my own car. Currently looking for a second-hand city car like a Toyota Yaris or a Honda Jazz. There are quite a few websites that specialize in buying and selling used cars. I have been looking at carmudi.com and mobil123.com (but both are only posting ads in Bahasa). I also saw cars being posted on olx.co.id From these ones, or if there are other good sites (which don't necessarily come up on google), can anyone suggest them to me?


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Hi Dubois,


You might want to try this following site:



** toyota yaris



** honda jazz

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Thank you very much iamintanms!

I neee to bring a person that is familiar with engines and cars along with me, or better I'll have them negotiate, since my face would probably make them think I have  $$$ to spare.

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Good luck with your car hunting and hope you get the best deal


:) cheers from Intan


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Hi iamintanms and others,

Just to share what I experienced: I had a look at some of those sites, with the help of an Indonesian friend. In the end I used rumah123 because it seemed to have the most extensive choice.

I tried the Astra one too, Intan. It was similar, but I felt the navigation was easier with 123. (thanks anyway)

Having picked three different advertisements for a Honda Jazz (I dropped the choice of a Yaris because it is too cramped for my needs), I asked my friend to go in my stead.

She managed to get a good deal for me (I trust her as we have common friends that I know very well), and ended up getting a 2010 Jazz for Rp. 135 million, which I think is a decent deal.

So, from the experience of browsing the different sites, I'd say they are all relatively the same. In the end it's getting the right person to help you that makes a difference.

I think if this website were to post more classifieds, I'd be inclined to have a look, even if the choices are much slimmer than these generic Indonesian websites (unless you have a friend like mine to help out).

So I hope the admin will take note.

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