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do you know some information about baby swim class in Jakarta?


Jenna L. 1370874396

Hi AIKA123, I put my baby when he was 6 months old in a swimming class at the Bubble n Me at Ruko Villa Galaxy Bekasi. They have proper facilities for babies. The place was designed in a cute way so babies would feel comfortable while doing swimming. What I like the most was my baby could get a creambath treatment, very cute wasn't it?

They provide baby spa as well, if you want to have your baby a gentle massage.

You may call this number 68889739 for reservation and more information before heading there.

Nafeeza Alwi 1370947135

I see swimming class for baby is good for their intelligence, concentration, alertness and of course physical abilities. I don't really know where you can find baby swimming class in Jakarta, but I read an article about it and maybe it can be your reference:

In my own opinion, after all it can nurture the bond between mother and kid. You really should try.

AIKA123 1371052762

Where is Bekasi? I won't be able to access place far from Menteng and surroundings. Some friends told me to do at home. I have downloaded the steps and how to do it, but don't feel confident yet to do it. I'm afraid something wrong will happen to her.

Actually, I prefer somewhere near Menteng or at least in Central Jakarta.

Ms. Sisipi 1373533031

Hi dears,

Swimming for early age baby is always recommended to practice reflexes. The most important thing, make sure the pool is free from chlorine. It's surely not good when the baby ingesting water accidentally.

Before doing so, you have to read more about baby swimming activity to provide you more knowledge how to do it.

If you ask me where to go for baby swimming class in Jakarta, unfortunately I am not able to tell you as I have no information about it, but I only can suggest you choose the non-chlorine ones :-)

Have a great time with your baby, dear.


Laila al Faraby 1373752602

I spoke to one one of the coordinators at JICC (Mrs. Tris) if I am not mistaken. There are swimming lessons for the younger children too. 

Their website is


rossel 1442061992

Dear Moms

Anyone want to follow hydrotherapy Class for moms and baby, moms and kids, kindergarten,  adult class and even the elderly or private.  Hydrotherapy for moms and baby / kids has included swimming therapy, Brain Gym / brain gymnastics and massage therapy. Form a group of at least a minimum of 5 moms and baby or a maximum of 10 people. I am Brain and Education Consultant and international Therapy Instructors are very concerned with growth and psikhologycal of children. I will give moms hydrotherapy science training which is very beneficial for the brain development of children because hidrotherapy class contains:

1. Develop  emotional intelligence

2. Develop multiple Intelegence

3. The development of a child's brain nerve excellent at age golden age (0-6 years old), after golden age   we lost 80% our children's brain development.  How can  do we to our children ?

4. Social development because baby we meet new friends and environment

5. Train gross and fine motor

6. Train sensory integration

7. Train the child's behavior

8. Minimize the child from autism, hyperactif, good therapy for special need children.

9. Enhance immune power, minimize allergies in children also strengthen the heart and lungs.

10.For  moms , adult even elderly use  for therapy of  osteoporosis, bone injuries, pinched nerve, diabetes, high and low blood pressure, prevent dementia, prevent stress,  not easy forget, hernea nucleus  pulposus /HNP

Let us follow hydrotherapy classes specific to the Jakarta area. The others region and Singapore  will be considered. Whatapps me: +62 857 2237 7575 or email :


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