how to marry indonesian woman

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Yeun Ja



i want to know how to marry indonesian woman? what documents i have to give? do you know?


Sinar Petromaks 1368704234

In Indonesia, nowadays, you need to have the same religion with your partner. Otherwise you will be advised to get married abroad. For foreigner, you will need your passport and Letter of No Impediment, as I know. You can check more details in Religious Affairs Office.

Christian89 1368714587

Nice!! I don't think it's complicated to get married with Indonesian here. But converting religion sometimes is the biggest thing to consider. But however Indonesian women are hard to be rejected (haha..peace out!)

Yeun Ja 1368716078

what is letter on no impediment? where can i get it? 

Loody Skarenda 1368721891

Hi Yeun Ja,

Letter of No Impediment is an official letter issued by a foreigner's home consulate which states that the foreigner has never been married, is divorced, or is a widow or widower. You may check our Marriage Information to get more details how to marry Indonesian, including the requirement.


Loody Skarenda, AngloINFO Jakarta

Mario-884284 1368753565

Additionally, in the section of Jakarta Clubs & Associations, there is an excellent support group for Indonesian women, whether already in, or contemplating mixed-citizenship marriages with foreigners called Srikandi which can be found at

They can share the experiences, as well as the progress against the bill proposed which would have required certain deposits to have been made the spouse to contract a marriage. Thanks to the intense opposition of several groups, I believe that bill was shelved by Parliament. 

They might be best informed about the dual citizenship possibilities for children which are the result of a mixed-citizenship marriage.


Yeun Ja 1369221682

i don't feel comfortable to talk to them actually, i am man, and i better talk to man, or forum like this. i need to convert my religion first before married. why it's difficult to marry her

Dubois-899689 1401401672

Hi Yeun Ja and others,

Hopefully you sorted out those issues and are happily with that girlfriend.

if not, or to the guys there who don't want to pickup and know the ladies randomly at Tigapuluh or CJs or BATS or some other joint like that you can filter through Jakarta's new online dating service called PM Jakarta (Perfect Match Jakarta). Here is the link

another one is or Mingle2

good luck...

can't be hard finding girls in Jakarta, but finding THE one is another issue altogether.

Isaac_Levt 1640506474

European men often look towards Asian women. This is a modern trend. These relationships often begin online at a dating site like together2night. Indonesian (or Chinese) women are beautiful, patriarchal brought up, hardworking, and family and child-oriented. I like this type of women. But I'm already married to one of them)

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