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PLEASE if you can help…An Indonesian who lives in Europe for many years and needs to sell now property in Indonesia, what is the simplest, easiest way to do it at this time of the pandemic, bearing in mind that:- For many years till now, as a foreign resident after leaving Indonesia, there was no obligation and no personal tax assessment was submitted in Indonesia, and that- The property was bought many years ago, before leaving Indonesia, when working there as an employee, when also there was no obligation under the law to submit personal tax return at the time (only the employer company was deducting and paying the required tax for the employees)- In order to sell property in Indonesia a tax number is needed maybe, also for Indonesians not resident in Indonesia?- Is the Tax Amnesty 2022 (called PPS) now in effect applicable to Indonesians not resident in Indonesia also, when they have no obligation to submit tax returns in Indonesia? And if yes, what do they need to do to be able to sell their property without any problems?So, PLEASE can you help, to answer these questions now and kindly advise –How, at this time of the COVID-19 crisis, the property in Indonesia can be sold in the simplest, easiest way, without complications as far as possible, when the Indonesian owner is not resident in Indonesia for so many years, and what to do for the tax issues above, if they apply for Indonesians not living in Indonesia too?Do you have any practical ideas or experience? Who can HELP PLEASE…

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Is yourwallet suffering from your regular movie and dinner dates? If so, then it’stime to find new and exciting ways to spend time with that special guy or gal!Here are 7 fantastic ideas for cheap but romantic dates:1. CookTogetherYouknow what they say: the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his or herstomach! Skip the expensive meal at a restaurant and whip up somethingmouth-watering in the kitchen with your date. The great thing about cooking isthat you can be as adventurous as you can be! You could try cooking something“exotic” that you’ve always wanted to try or cook up a complete meal. Searchingfor that all-important ingredient from a specialty grocery or shop can also befun on its own!2. TryCraftingRememberhow much fun you had as a kid during craft time at school? Relive the fun andtry your hands again at crafting. There’s so many craft ideas that you can getfrom the Internet. You and you’re your date can try origami, paper craft, orpapier-mâché. Or, surprise her by creating a whole bunch of paper cranes andleaving it at her office desk.3. Runor Exercise TogetherRunningis one of the simplest forms of exercise. Ditch the pressed polo shirts anddresses that you usually wear on your dates in favour of comfy shorts, a lightshirt, and your sneakers. Find a jogging route near where you live and run for30 minutes or more. Both of you can enjoy the endorphin boost you’re sure toget after running. You could discover cheap spots to eat when you run so that’sanother bonus to this date idea.4.Spend a Night under the StarsSure,you could use your credit card to book a hotel room for you and your wife orhusband but if you want to spend a night under the stars, then pitching a tentis your best bet. Find a beach or hike up a mountain to pitch your tent, lay amat outside, wait for shooting stars, and you’ve got the recipe for one of themost romantic dates ever!5.Movie or TV Series MarathonsMaximiseyour broadband plan and stay home with your date this weekend instead of goingout. Go on a TV series marathon or movie marathon. You won’t have to deal withlines, sticky floors, and overpriced popcorn for this movie date!6.VolunteerThereare many organisations that could use some help and if you and your date areinclined to, then try volunteering. Pick one closest to your heart—i f you’repassionate about protecting the environment, you can find an organisation thatneeds help planting trees. Spending time together volunteering can do a worldof good not just for your relationship but for others as well.7. Goon a Treasure HuntNo, youdon’t need a peg leg, hook for arms, and a parrot on your shoulder to go on atreasure hunt. For this adventure, you’ll need a GPS tracker but since mostphones these days have GPS receivers, then all you need is to download a freegeocaching app to your smartphone. What’s great about this activity is thatmany “treasures” can be found by answering some riddles  so you and yourdate can have fun deciphering these riddles and finding small, hidden objectseven in the heart of Jakarta!

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I was offered a contract several months ago that I had signed saying I will be an employee for 12 months. A new academic advisor was hired and we didn't see eye to eye and pissed me and o said I will quit (long story short) but o never actually signed anything and now my employer said she took me seriouslyand said I am fired now... what do I do?  I work all this time waiting on my work visa that was never provided and then new academic advisor kept insisting I make a kitaps which would take more the the few weeks left on my kitas to get one so o said no I'll just have the work permit that the school will provide. Now I'm at the last minute trying to get my kitas now because they decided they don't won't me working for them anymore.  Unsure what to do 

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do you know any english speaking notary that can help me buy a house? better if he speak korean and can translate everything i need. i want to buy a house and i do not know the procedure in indonesia. now i have indonesian wife but i want it under my name. i am still south korea nationality, it is possible? thank you.

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I read on the Sydney Morning Herald that the Indonesian govt has just executed several people on drug-related crimes. Aside from drug offences what else is subject to capital punishment in Indonesia?

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I read somewhere on this forum that there could be Indonesian language requirements for working in Indonesia. Does anyone know what the parameters are? I'd like to look for an Indonesian language tutor to come maybe 2x a week and teach me some conversational Indonesian for about 1.5 hours each time.        

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Hi guys, I was wondering if someone can shed some light on the tax terms PKP and non-PKP. I know one is for subject to value added tax and the non is exempted. But what are the circumstance for this, and how does an organization (a company or a foundation) fall under the latter category? Would there be any other taxes that are incurred if a legal entity becomes non-PKP?  

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Hi everyone, I am posting on the Forum a very insightful speech by Indonesian President, Joko Widodo at the 2014 APEC CEO Summit which is taken from Youtube. In it, he speaks in plain terms, his vision for inviting businesspeople and investors to Indonesia, for the various opportunities that can be made with the different infrastructure projects and initiatives of his administration. The interesting part, is his commitment to push local government at provincial and lower levels to support in facilitating business permits and support those who want to invest in the different regions. I think he will back up those words and be able to do so more effectively than previous administrations.  

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Does any of you know any information regarding Foreign Investment in Indonesia? What should be provided and also the terms and conditions? -Thank you-

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Planning to start clothing business in Jakarta, I'm going to need a business and financial consultant for all required bureaucracy. Trying to browse about the business consultant with Mr. Google, and found Boston Consulting Group to be a potential consultant for my future business. How prestigious is it? Frankly, I never heard about it that's why I need another opinion.  

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Hi friends, Noticing that there have been some enquiries on specific legal advice. We had a submission from one of the lawfirms in Jakarta, TNR (Taji Sianturi & Rekan), that we have since updated on our Lawyers, Lawfirms & Legal Advice Listing. I noted that they maintain quite a comprehensive blog on different legal topics such as litigation, contract law, company law, marriage and divorce proceedings, oil & gas industry, security, shipping and telecommunications. I've not seen this level of free advice given on Indonesian legal topics online before. So for those readers who might want to do some basic research, in addition to our relevant INFOrmation pages, I would recommend this too for starters.   Regards Mario  

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Hi, Being a resident in Jakarta, I am subject to Indonesian taxes. While my home country is part of the EU and we have a tax treaty with thus country, I am not satisfied with the amount and types of tax-deductible items claimed by our appointed tax consultants at work. Does anyone know a good tax consultant that is familiar with German tax law yet is coming at a reasonable rate. I tried looking one up on the listing here, but none has a good grasp of the tax laws back home to maximize my deductible income. Any leads are appreciated!

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Do you have any references of good part-time auditor in Jakarta? Someone that has experience with NGO sector and native bahasa speaker (must be able to speak English too). Or any recruitment agency that can help me with this? I prefer male. 

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Just wondering what it takes to open a bank account for expatriates? I might need to have a local bank account for some works i'll have next month. If it's too complicated then i prefer to have it cash.   Thank you!

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Hi everyone, I have been picking up on a lot of buzz surrounding Indonesia's latest ranking in the Global Competitiveness Index, which has seen a marked improvement from 50th last year to 38th. In ASEAN, Indonesia ranks behind Singapore (#2), Malaysia (#24), Brunei (#26), Thailand (#37). The remaining ASEAN countries are: Philippines at (#59), Vietnam (#70), Laos (#81), Cambodia (#88) and Myanmar (#139) Interestingly, Eurocham have released a comparison on the development of Indonesia's competitiveness year on year. Among the top problematic factors are : inefficient bureaucracy, corruption, inadequate infrastructure, work ethic and restrictive labour regulations. The Wall Street Journal cites Indonesia's infrastructure improvement projects as being the force behind this rebound for Indonesia. I personally think, were there more aggresive actions by the law-enforcement agencies, in particular the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission), then we would see significant trickle down effects on the other problems hindering competitiveness, almost certainly on the level of bureacratic efficiency as well as on the ability to further improve infrastructure. The improved rule of law, in effect would give greater confidence to investors and thus ease the restrictive labour regulatory policies currently adopted by the government.  

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Hallo, I am considering to open a company which trades in commodities like cocoa and rubber. Our embassy (i am Swiss) has told me that a PMA is the status foriegn companies need. What is involved and how long does it take?  Info please! 

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I have a plan to visit USA next year. While saving money, I need to prepare what to prepare, including VISA. Do you know what it takes to get the visa? How long the proceed of making it? It's going to be my first time going there, I don't really have family to stay but I'm looking for other American backpackers who have a space for me while I'm in USA. Any recommendations?

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Hello , as a financial consultant of PT. Overseas Commercial Futures, i would like to proposed to any investors for coorporate. our company legal and safe, if u wanna take a look, you can click on www.overseascommercialfutures.com or if u have a time i am willing to take a time for us to chit-chat. Nico

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