7 Ideas for Cheap but Romantic Dates in Jakarta

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Is yourwallet suffering from your regular movie and dinner dates? If so, then it’stime to find new and exciting ways to spend time with that special guy or gal!Here are 7 fantastic ideas for cheap but romantic dates:1. CookTogetherYouknow what they say: the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his or herstomach! Skip the expensive meal at a restaurant and whip up somethingmouth-watering in the kitchen with your date. The great thing about cooking isthat you can be as adventurous as you can be! You could try cooking something“exotic” that you’ve always wanted to try or cook up a complete meal. Searchingfor that all-important ingredient from a specialty grocery or shop can also befun on its own!2. TryCraftingRememberhow much fun you had as a kid during craft time at school? Relive the fun andtry your hands again at crafting. There’s so many craft ideas that you can getfrom the Internet. You and you’re your date can try origami, paper craft, orpapier-mâché. Or, surprise her by creating a whole bunch of paper cranes andleaving it at her office desk.3. Runor Exercise TogetherRunningis one of the simplest forms of exercise. Ditch the pressed polo shirts anddresses that you usually wear on your dates in favour of comfy shorts, a lightshirt, and your sneakers. Find a jogging route near where you live and run for30 minutes or more. Both of you can enjoy the endorphin boost you’re sure toget after running. You could discover cheap spots to eat when you run so that’sanother bonus to this date idea.4.Spend a Night under the StarsSure,you could use your credit card to book a hotel room for you and your wife orhusband but if you want to spend a night under the stars, then pitching a tentis your best bet. Find a beach or hike up a mountain to pitch your tent, lay amat outside, wait for shooting stars, and you’ve got the recipe for one of themost romantic dates ever!5.Movie or TV Series MarathonsMaximiseyour broadband plan and stay home with your date this weekend instead of goingout. Go on a TV series marathon or movie marathon. You won’t have to deal withlines, sticky floors, and overpriced popcorn for this movie date!6.VolunteerThereare many organisations that could use some help and if you and your date areinclined to, then try volunteering. Pick one closest to your heart—i f you’repassionate about protecting the environment, you can find an organisation thatneeds help planting trees. Spending time together volunteering can do a worldof good not just for your relationship but for others as well.7. Goon a Treasure HuntNo, youdon’t need a peg leg, hook for arms, and a parrot on your shoulder to go on atreasure hunt. For this adventure, you’ll need a GPS tracker but since mostphones these days have GPS receivers, then all you need is to download a freegeocaching app to your smartphone. What’s great about this activity is thatmany “treasures” can be found by answering some riddles  so you and yourdate can have fun deciphering these riddles and finding small, hidden objectseven in the heart of Jakarta!

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