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Planning to start clothing business in Jakarta, I'm going to need a business and financial consultant for all required bureaucracy. Trying to browse about the business consultant with Mr. Google, and found Boston Consulting Group to be a potential consultant for my future business. How prestigious is it? Frankly, I never heard about it that's why I need another opinion.  


OzIndo 1379141058

I am a manager for a Chartered Accounting firm in Sydney and I have been helping Australian clients that would like to setup business in Indonesia. I work closely with a consultancy firm in Jakarta and they are birilliant. Please email me on to find out more details.


Loody Skarenda 1379522487

Hi Twinky,

Through AngloINFO Jakarta's Directory you can find things you expect to know about life in Jakarta, please be our guest to have a look at our Financial Consultants & Advisors. Personally, I'm unable to give a recommendation of any of those, but, checking out the websites is quite useful before hiring them.

Good luck!

Loody Skarenda

vellip 1379875418



they can help you about set up your company, with experienced with direct investment and has assist many foreign to start their business in Indonesia.


l4zy4sur3 1380193578

Jakarta Finance Consultancy in BSD Tangerang maybe... well my opinion is as long as you have a steady aim in your business, you can manage your own finance.. financial consultant may only help you to provide solutions when you get stumbled.

Robyn K. 1389904317

This is helpful for expats who have intention to build their own business in Jakarta. Just so you know Indonesia has been a potential target for world to invest in. These business and financial consultants are likely englightment to show the real situation of Indonesian economy. 

I've tried to take a look of those names and CV Inti Sukses is quite reliable. I'll recommend this to my fellows. Thank you for bringing this topic. 

*thinking too much 1390389180

Are these business and financial consultants charging expatriates higher than locals? I've heard they have different price list. 

OzIndo 1390393560

The firm I have been dealing with does not differentiate their fees between locals and overseas clients.

Mission in possible 1391706674

So OzIndo is only for Australians? What about an American who stays in Jakarta wants to have your service?

OzIndo 1391751547

We will be very please to assist, M I. Please email me on

Van Hook 1392130399

How much usually the consultation service cost per hour? For PMA legal advice which one is the best in town?

OzIndo 1392140050

To setup a PMA the firm I deal with charges a flat rate. They also offer a range of services surrounding business incubation in Indonesia and they will charge a retainer for a project so they do not work on a time basis.

anything but you 1402336678

I've been reading in the news that now some teachers have been extradited by the immigration? What was wrong? Don't they work for a school that is well established? 

How do you go about getting a KIMS? 

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