Can anybody refer a good tax advisor for a second opinion?

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Hi, Being a resident in Jakarta, I am subject to Indonesian taxes. While my home country is part of the EU and we have a tax treaty with thus country, I am not satisfied with the amount and types of tax-deductible items claimed by our appointed tax consultants at work. Does anyone know a good tax consultant that is familiar with German tax law yet is coming at a reasonable rate. I tried looking one up on the listing here, but none has a good grasp of the tax laws back home to maximize my deductible income. Any leads are appreciated!


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In case those you contacted already could not help you, you can try for a specific enquiry to IKPI / the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association or call them at (021) 522 0680.

Their website is here



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Will ask around some of my accounting friends at work.

The concepts and definitions are quite straightforward, so it might not even require special knowledge from a consultant familiar with German taxation system.

Just be careful about declaring excess taxes and applying for a tax credit. I've had the experience while working freelance and claiming overpayment of taxes, that the tax inspectors audited me excessively. For the Rp 0,5 million claim, it simply wasn't worth the effort!!!


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Sometimes I felt not satisfied either with my company tax consultant's calculation, but I can't do much. Once you get clear insight about it, I'll be pleased to get explanation. Different system making me puzzled. 

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SF Consulting can help you I suppose. They have service for domestic and international advisory. Find it on google for testimonials and so on. The office is in Rasuna Said, very strategic right? 

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Tried to open the website but it's in bahasa. I experienced the same thing actually, can't figure out the amount deducted. At first I thought it wouldn't bother me, time to time my curiousity comes up. can somebody explain more in English please?

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