Foreign Direct Investment

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Does any of you know any information regarding Foreign Investment in Indonesia? What should be provided and also the terms and conditions? -Thank you-


Mario-884284 1389029634

Hi PetrPerov,

Well, you can always refer to the general overview on our Information Page on Working, which also includes a sub-section on Starting A Business.

Additionally, I can refer to some very practical information, provided by others, notably from the UK Trade & Investment's overview on Doing Business in Indonesia.

The Indonesian National Investment Coordinating Board (known by the local acronym BKPM) also has an overview on Investing in Indonesia.

The blog from TNR also covers more legal aspects of doing business, as well as personal legal situations.

Another recent blog I've come to know is from a consulting firm called Indosight. Check their blog out. It also has sections on foreign investment.


Hopefully those will be of use to you.


Mario - AngloINFO Jakarta

Mr. Kim 1391541580

This is great! Thank you for the information Mario. I don't think I'll start a business here but it's good to know how. I consider the investing one frankly. The TNR blog is also amazing, so much helpful. 

Dev Gru 1405384485

Keep your plans on hold until the air clears. Investment opportunities can be potentially very rewarding in the largely untapped Indonesia market. Focus is always on natural resources which are the low hanging fruits. 

But for long term sustainability, i believe the renewable natural resources (fisheries, bio technology, tourism), along with manufacturing, IT and consumer goods can be very rewarding.

anticipate the greater capital mobility next year, also workforce mobility, and access to larger market with the ASEAN Economic Community, then the game becomes more interesting. 

So much to consider, but overall unless the country regresses it seems the medium to long term  business prospects are very promising.

John McElwee 1407329013

Now that the presidential elections are over, the investors might be keen to continue what was effectively on hold.

The official investment board site BKPM is pretty good in giving you an overview.

Also try the BritCham and/or AmCham along with the French Chamber of Commerce as a start.

Good luck on finding the right sector for you Petr !

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