Free travel for 30 countries effective April 2015

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Van Hook



Hi all, This may well have been circulating in a lot of the local English-speaking media and newspapers, but anyway I'd like to share this. The regulations allow for visa free facilities for citizens of the 30 countries listed in this article: which includes several of the EU countries. Glaringly absent is neighbour Australia; and even though the authorities vehemently deny this, many suspect it has to do with worseing relations of late on account of the Bali 9 controversy (if you're not familiar with it, just google and you will find out more). Anyway...let's hope this facility will also be coupled with better services for those foreigners actually planning to stay longer term in the country. I've spoken to many European friends, esp. from Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy that have expressed interest in eventually moving and living here. Primary reason is the huge potential they identify in this country, and the relatively good climate all year around, which beats places in the northern part of Asia like China.    


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