Indonesian-language proficiency requirements for working

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Hi everyone, I want to keep the users here up to date with the plan by the Ministry of Manpower to oblige foreigners working in Indonesia to demonstrate a level of Bahasa Indonesia language proficiency as part of the requirements for working legally in Indonesia. The plan is supposed to be applied in February onwards. There will also be aome stipulations to document the paperwork through an online system. We found an excellent article explaining this. Please follow this link:


Phoebe-894376 1420539190

Well that's nothing too special. In Austria, if you stay longer than 6 months and you're not an EU citizen you must apply for residency. You need to demonstrate basic German-language proficiency skills.

I think it is reasonable to expect people to have basic local-language requirements.Ultimately one needs to be able to communicate with locals right? And not everybody speaks English here.



Xie Hui 1420623283

For real? I have trouble speaking English as it is. Must practice with Indonesian peoples then.

What happens to those who cannot pass? Must we pay some extra fee? Or will this risk our residence here?

If we have this in China for writing and reading, I think few expats will be able to stay. :-)



kimsmithjr 1420795443

Really? Are they so keen on getting expats NOT to work here? Granted, Bahasa is a simple enough language. I'm already able to pick up on basic conversations here. 

What concerns me is how this test will be used (or rather abused).

Whose smart idea was it anyway???





ExpatAlly 1421169748

Actually, the government has this considered few years ago, however, has not been realized yet until the new manpower minister took charged. Currently, this new requirement has not cleared the ministry of justice and human rights, so, it hasn't take into effect yet. The result is expected to be received in February 2015, so, lets see. 

In my opinion, eventhough this requirement is not cleared, the foreigners still need to learn basic conversation in Bahasa in order to avoid fraud and to experience the true nature of Indonesian.

Mario-884284 1427236967

Some update on this topic.

after further deliberation between ministers (and complaints on the plan, including from local investors), the government is dropping the planned regulation. 

More details to come soon.

kiwi73 1427275297

Good riddance of a silly regulation. Fortunately reason prevailed over chauvinism!

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