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I read somewhere on this forum that there could be Indonesian language requirements for working in Indonesia. Does anyone know what the parameters are? I'd like to look for an Indonesian language tutor to come maybe 2x a week and teach me some conversational Indonesian for about 1.5 hours each time.        


Sifa Fathonah 1421332155


The regulation is still to be implented, and I have my doubts enforcement will be immediate.
In the meantime you can familiarize yourself with this short guide on speaking basic Indonesian:

It is very hands on and very practical.

genarot 1421417844


What's your nationality if I may ask? I met a fantastic tutor; she is Indonesian, is fluent in French and Italian and speaks good English. I found it is faster to learn Indonesian from someone who speaks your mother tongue too.

If either of the two languages I mentioned is your mother tongue, or you speak it better than English then I strongly recommend her.

We can exchange messages for her contact details. I'd share here, but she has mentioned not to post her e-mail details online without her consent.

ExpatAlly 1422020695

Hi Hanna, 

I agree with Sifa that the regulation will take into effect immediately. It is because what will happen to other expatriate that just want to relocate to Indonesia, I wonder where they could learn Indonesian language. I believe not all cities in the world would have a center that offer Indonesian Language course. 

However, learning Indonesian Language will be very benefial for the expatriates in Indonesia because not all Indonesian can speak English. So, if you like to learn indonesian language you can contact ExpatAlly has a syllabus that can tailored to your needs. 


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