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Hallo, I am considering to open a company which trades in commodities like cocoa and rubber. Our embassy (i am Swiss) has told me that a PMA is the status foriegn companies need. What is involved and how long does it take?  Info please! 


Sucipto Raharjo 1361839082

PMA = Penanaman Modal Asing  or Foreign Capital Investment. The alternative is for you to own shares in a local company Perseroan Terbatas (limited liability), as it is not subject to the regulations of BKPM / Investment Coordinating Board. 

Hope that is useful for you.


Khaled al Faraby 1361993551

You need to apply as a PMA to the BKPM, like an Investment coordinating body.

There is also the matter of registering your PT, getting a SIUP / license and TDP / company registration.

Yourself, and the business will also be issued a NPWP / Tax ID, and I suggest you make use of the National Single Window facility, through the assistance of the BKPM.

There are lots of agents who can help, but be wary, as some might just be brokers who aren't giving guidance or detailed advice.

Our Singaporean friends in mining used the services of Optimaxgroup, a consultant firm composed of ex McKinsey folks.

Mining and energy companies have used them in projects here, with principals from europe, china, india and the middle east. They should be able to handle agribusiness too.


Laurent Eisenstadt 1361993950

Thank you. 

@K: not agribusiness but commodities, but yes I suppose the could do so.

I received a reference for a local firm Mazars. Who knows of them?

Good? Expensive? Discreet?

Also one called JCG, i google them and didn't find. What is JCG standing for?


Nadine Henderson 1362834870


Mazars is a UK-based company, and I believe the local subsidiary is located on Jl. Sisingamangaraja, just off the roundabout at the end of Sudirman (near that police post).

My friend, a Finance Controller used them for some audit purposes, then changed services though I can't say why really, as they have sound reputation (she works for a PC manufacturer out of China). Their local website is below 

JCG stands for Jakarta Consulting Group (original name huh?!), and they do McKinsey-like management consulting work. Headhunting work as well I believe. They have quite a reputation, and the founder is a local Indonesian ethnic Chinese, who is a physician by training. Ironically, he was injured while treated in some hospital - dont recall which one - and the last snippet of news I remember, became a paraplegic :-( tragic!

Anyway try to ask one of the many Chams in Jakarta. Eurocham is good, there is also a similar function in the Swiss embassy, a Mr Lukmansah is the PIC, he runs the EDA (sorry don't know what it stands for). I can reply to you and give his details in private rather than in this open forum.


Admin-884155 1362836368


For a wide variety of Business Services, you should refer to our overview in the Business Services listing, which includes: consultants for setting up companies, legal and financial advice, auditors, serviced offices and a lot more.

It is well organised and quite comprehensive. Follow the link here:

Our Information Pages also provide detailed steps and references/links to various officials and ministries, as well as local business associations and chambers of commerce that you can get support from.

As part of the "Invest in Remarkable Indonesia" campaign, the BKPM (Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board) is aggressively helping out potential investors like yourself. Their link


Laurent Eisenstadt 1362836984

Good intel Nadine! Thanks

I looked that up already and have found 3-4 services I'd like to use, Admin. Tell me, do yoy know anyone of those that can handle under one roof? At a reasonable offer? 

Thanks again!


vellip 1377818574

just trying

that's the one they can help you in matter to set up your company legaly in Indonesia, they also help some expat to get working and residence permit

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