started by: La Luna · last update: 1428581777 · posted: 1428313748

Hey folks, Who has tried either Cut the Crab or The Holy Crab in Jakarta? Between the two, which is the better experience overall? Please share your experience if any.  

started by: Nate Robinson · last update: 1422365339 · posted: 1422192419

Hi guys, An Indonesian friend asked me if I ever had Warteg. What kind of food is that?

started by: mArvelmAn · last update: 1420033129 · posted: 1419500000

Who knows any good deals / promotions for Christmas or New Year's Day I can capitalize on? :)

started by: LiuXX · last update: 1418291194 · posted: 1416298067

Am just wondering if anyone in the forum knows where I can join a flower arrangement course? If you know good places please let me know.

started by: Lech Koslowski · last update: 1416509663 · posted: 1367366630

Where can I find 24 hour food delivery, but not just fast food? Experiences anyone? Pls share. I live in BSD, possible to send? Lech

started by: Life In Mars · last update: 1413636799 · posted: 1412346800

Hi folks, Just want to share that I think I found a real great place for steak from a totally unexpected source, a Dutch resto. I had a meeting in Pancoran this morning and was totally famished. The nearest place for lunch I could think of was at TIS / Tebet. They have a Hema Dutch Resto there and I saw very reasonable priced tenderloin steak. I didn't expect much but just wanted to get my hands on some beef! 20 minutes a lean and somewhat well done looking steak was presented before me. I took a bite and it was delicious!  The only thing I think they could have done is put the gravy on the side and give options (it was far too sweet to my liking). But the meat is a totally different thing altogether. when I left I passed by flyers they put on front and they justifiably out "The Best Sirloin Steak in Town" (OK so I had some tenderloin, but I don't hesitate to believe them for a second!) Damage done: Rp. 101.000 incl tax and tips for a piece of tasty steak and side dishes of mashed potato and veggies, plus an ice lemon tea. It is soooo much more reasonable and tasty compared to some of the so called steak houses we find around here. i will be going back for sure. anybody with other good experiences please do reply to the thread with a review. thanks!

started by: 4thumbs · last update: 1412944201 · posted: 1409215223

I have an upcoming celebration and my friends are keen to take me to eat some good Mexican food. As far as I know there are a few Mexican restaurants like Amigos, Hacienda as well as the Caliente that used to be in Kemang village and now moved to PIK. I want a new environment and perhaps a new interpretation of Mexican. Does anyone know where I can find other places in Jakarta?

started by: smorgasborg87 · last update: 1410822954 · posted: 1409677762

Hey folks, I'm honing in my cooking skills and taking some lessons from an intl cooking class. i will be looking for good and original ingredients for Italian, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian recipes. local ingredients will be no issue. I also got from friends there names of stores with a good supply of typical ingredients. having some challenge with the Indian, Japanese and Korean stuff. I know around Senopati and Blok M are a few for the last two cuisines. can you suggest others for comparison?

started by: Michaelangelo-899679 · last update: 1406658848 · posted: 1379423924

Does anyone know any winery stores in Jakarta? I prefer in south Jakarta, where I'm staying now..

started by: serendipity63 · last update: 1405889201 · posted: 1405368573

Recently I was offered at an event some dodol garut and the hosts said this was a local sweet. i couldn't figure out what this was made of. It had a chewy texture to it, like a snackbar, but was slightly hard on the outside and very glutinous inside. tried to find out more about the recipe, as I love to try new things but don't know the ingredients. Any recipes for this?

started by: mike101-908270 · last update: 1405369285 · posted: 1390740946

Hi y'all, my friends from Bali told me about cheap wine made in Bali named Hatten. I really want to try some, but no way to get out of this town this month, or following months. I don't know where to buy it in Jakarta. Is there any recommendation of other cheap wines?

started by: Dev Gru · last update: 1404243662 · posted: 1399385011

I know some of the places n Kemang which serve Turkish food. Anatolia which has been around forever and also the relatively new Istanbul on Ampera. Are there any newer ones around? Has anyone tried Turkuaz in Kebayoran Baru? Appreciate your inputs, as I will be hosting some friends who fancy this sort of food. Dev Gru  

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Bikin Tape Pake Ragi Beli Singkongnye ke Ciawi Jangan Tanya Kemane Ane Pergi Yukkk Kong…..Ke Festival Betawi…..!!! Jakarte kite tercinta kan bentar lagi Ultah nie Cang, cing ,mpok,abang, nyak,babe, datang nyok kemari…… Hotel Santika Tmii , lagi ade Festival Food Betawi Ade segala makanan khas Betawi, ade……. Selendang Mayang , Laksa , Bir Pletok , Wedang Ronde ,Asinan Betawi , Geplak , Toge Goreng , Kembang Goyang dll Semua Makanan bisa di cobain prasmanan Buffet Harga Cocoklah sama kantong Rp. 175,000,- udeh bisa dicobain semuanye… Betawi Food Festival cuma ade di bulan Juni Selama 1 Bulan ,Setiap Rabu malem yee (18.00 – 22.00 W.I.B ) … Tema Betawi , Makanan Betawi , Semua aye gelar buat semua Cang,cing,mpok, abang , nyak , babe Yang ade di jakarte… Nyok Buruan Pesen Tempatnye : Ph : (62-21) 29378500 Email : reservation@jakartatmii.santika.com sales@jakartatmii.santika.com Sales : Dwi Rahayu 085318572167 dwirahayu@jakartatmii.santika.com Cindy Warongan 083894315923 cindywarongan@jakartatmii.santika.com Ariyah 083897887714 khomariyah@jakartatmii.santika.com Okky Harianto 083874014556 okkyharianto@jakartatmii.santika.com

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Hi all, There are a few culinary events this May. At the Hermitage (newly opened hotel in Menteng) we have: - Wine tasting training with Chateau Le Puy for details see here At La Piazza in Kelapa Gading, there is the annual Wine & Cheese Expo, featuring food from all over the world. For details see here. The Expo will last until 1st June. So please take your time during the busy schedule to have a look. Admin  

started by: no name-948334 · last update: 1396558623 · posted: 1394323168

would someone tell me the best tortilla patata in here? i miss this spanish cuisine so much. since i am new in town i don't know where to go to get delicious tortilla patata. i wish i could just cook it by myself, but i can't. my son is crazy about this food too. if you have any idea please give me the direction to get there. or at least the contact number of it.  thank you. 

started by: cutiegirl · last update: 1396464956 · posted: 1380840704

Considering my most favorite food all the time is sushi, making it by my own should be more satisfying. The thing is I wasn't born to cook. I'm not gonna give up anyway, I'm willing to take sushi class for my cooking adventure. I have someone told me that Sakura Japanese restaurant usually has a class for sushi making but I can't find any information for October, is there any else? Can't help to start my adventure :)

started by: Funny Chick · last update: 1395859723 · posted: 1386047452

Someone please name few Japanese food supply stores here! I could hardly find tonkatsu sauce, furusao miso shiro and dashi in regular supemarkets. Please ASAP! Thanks.

started by: Admin-884155 · last update: 1395521014 · posted: 1363176556

Hi guys, As expatriates in Jakarta sometimes you just get curious with Indonesian traditional foods, don't you? Have you tried couple of them? Tell us, what is your favorite one?   Admin  

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Just for my consideration, I've never tried Korean cuisine but Kimchi <which I didn't digest very well> according to your experiences guys, where's the best Korean restaurant you've been to so far in Jakarta? Heard about the Bulgoghi or something sounds alike <this one, perhaps will go through my digestion smoothly>. So, any stories in Jakarta area?

started by: Christian89 · last update: 1394921320 · posted: 1393185050

Been in Jakarta for almost a year I never even once dine in Lebanese restaurant. Couple days ago I drolled when I was watching AFC of Lebanese cuisine. Do you have any suggestion of the best Lebanese one in town? With cozy ambiance and extraordinary service I prefer. 

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