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Thousand Islands not only have underwater beauty, but also has the potential of historical attractions that are not less interesting when baik.Dengan packed with historical and cultural tourism development, Thousand Islands will be able to become a favorite tourist destination as well as Bali. The public will come to feel the positive impact of community-based tourism development in the region, namely the increasing prosperity masyarakat.Untuk boost the development of the Thousand Islands in all aspects such as environmental sustainability, resource conservation, economic, social, cultural and welfare of the people, then the sub-district which is the Thousand Islands part of the City Administration. thousand island has water sport facilities and can also snorkel and diving to see the beauty of the underwater world lautnya.Wisata thousand island frequently visited by local and foreign tourists, such as: ayer island, angel island, island uninteresting, daughter of the island, the island Pantara, scout the island, the island Tidung, kotok island, island rainbow, tiger island.


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