Thousand Island

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Thousand Island is a collection of thousand islands that are small, which has outstanding beauty. Thousand Island Resort offers approximately 7 resort, such as Pulau Seribu, pulau ayer, pulau bidadari, pulau sepa, pulau putri, pulau pantara, pulau pramuka, pulau tidung, pulau kotok, pulau macan, pulau pelangi. All of the resort is recommended for those who want to visit the islands of a thousand well as a couple, friends, family and the company. On the island, you can do activities such as snorkeling and diving. Every thousand island resort, has different facilities, they have a wide range of facilities, whether it's water sports and her room, ayer island and angel no facilities snorkeling and diving, because it is close to the city of Jakarta, only 30 from Marina Ancol, while the thousand island other resort to diving and snorkeling because of the distance which is taken from Marina Ancol jakarta 1-2 hour trip by boat speed boat.


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