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The cost for plastic surgery is often found to vary. This price difference is sometimes very large. This of course makes me often think twice about doing it. For those of you who have information regarding the harga operasi plastik, please share it here!

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Cosmetic surgery is one of the actions that has a large enough risk. For that, we need a clinic and a plastic surgeon who has been professional. To share information with each other, try mentioning your version of the best cosmetic surgery clinic!My first: Klinik Kecantikan Beautylogica

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Hello forum, I'm back for another problem of mine. I am definately looking for the best beauty or aesthetic clinics in Jakarta that have anti-aging treatment. In my age wrinkle is always a big problem of all. Acne is no longer an issue, but wrinkle and black spot are. I've tried some home treatment from olive oil, honey mask, to cucumber mask. Yet they don't significantly help me out. The best beauty clinic usually has special treatment that is supposed to assist me quickly. I read about diamond peeling or gold treatment but I have no clue where to have such treatment in Jakarta. Please dear help this mid-age lady. Sincerely, Ms.Sisipi

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Does anyone know good contacts  for aromatherapy products directly from the source? In particular, I'm looking for massage oils and the aromatherapy essential oils and burners. I'm thinking of opening a line of products, and exporting them under my brand. Also anyone with help on getting the permits and licenses for that on this side of the market, that would be very welcome.  

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Does anyone in Jakarta know where I can get a toilet seat riser (basically, a doughnut shaped sturdy plastic ring that screws in beneath the toilet seat on top of the commode)? We urgently need to get one for a handicapped, elderly individual. Thanks for your help with this quest!

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Hi folks, What are some of the more common herbal remedies that we have here in Indonesia? Can someone explain to me what galian singset is and what rapet wangi are for? Also there was a remedy offered to us called tongkat madura? How does that get used? 

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With the start of the rainy season I notice there's a LOT more mosquitoes around where I live. I'm very much against chemical repellents, especially those lotions you put on the skin. My husband still wants to solve the problem with anti mosquito spray (toxic if you ask me), so I'm trying to prove him there's a better and healthier alternative. From some friends I've heard that lavender is very effective to ward of these pests. Does anyone have other natural alternatives?  

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Hi, I am aware of the new national health insurance called BPJS. Can someone explain this to me, including whether this applies to a foreigner living in Indonesia? Is it mandatory? Appreciate any info on this please.

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Where do I find Zumba class in Jakarta? specifically south Jakarta. I went to Zumba class couple years ago but then stop since I traveled a lot. My body feels so lazy recently, I  know Zumba can really help me exactly. So much need to shake my hip.

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Happy 2015 everyone!  Had a fab evening with a little hangovee though.  Decided to check out some remedies and share them here. I tried the Sprite remedy and amazingly it did A LOT of good! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/foodanddrinkadvice/11294154/New-Years-Day-What-hangover-cures-really-work.html

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My partner is showing signs of mild depression that is really having an impact on our social lives. His obvious escape is in drink and unhealthy focus on sports and drinking buddies. I reckon he's going through some sort of mid-life crisis and being in Jakarta with all its pitfalls can't be of any help. As this is such a delicate matter, I wanna get him some help but without resorting to anything clearly-clinical which he would steadfastly refuse.  I want to know a good psychologist or even a psychiatrist here who I can consult and perhaps through her, get some tips how he can to terms with his situation.  It's having a major impact on me towards him too, and I know it's unhealthy for our relationship and our business. I don't want ro confide to our friends as they're actually part of the the problem, not the solution. Help me please.

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Hi dears, I want to visit a good spa and take my boyfriend with me. Can you recommend a good place where me  are welcome at the spa? I know big hotels have a couples' section, but am looking for something less expensive.  Indonesians love spa so also the local readers please give your tips.

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Hello everyone As I'm getting busier I find it hard to make time and exercise properly. Traffc jams are so utterly paralyzing here it really takes more time getting to and from the gym than working out itself. I'm wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a personal trainer that can do house calls. I'd rather have a female one and that she can help me with some functional training as well as with my upper body and buttocks.  I knew one girl from friends that did private yoga lessons, and I might hav3 considered that too, however she moved abroad with her BF. leave a message for me on the thread or message privately please. .

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Does anybody know the way to make a concoction I read on Facebook which supposedly widens the blood vessels and when taken regularly can help you manage blood pressure and also avoid having a bypass. I know it sounds incredible but if not mistaken this was something a Pakistani physician developed. It had lemon, ginger, garlic and honey. If anyone's had experience with it do be sharing this please.  

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I'm going to attend my hubby's preferment party, really need a good recommendation of the best hair stylist in Jakarta. It's going to be a special night so I need to look fabulous and oustanding. I tried few salons but nothing impress me. I take this matter in the forum because I always find good references here. Please help me, it will be 2 weeks from now. 

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Hi,  Does anyone know a place where you can have electrolysis hair removal done? I found one in singapore but its a pain to have to fly there all the time. Any info appreciated! Thanks

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does anyone know where I can find those detox foot pads which I think are Japanese made? They're supposed to clean out your system from all sort of toxins and tutn black overnight as you use them while sleeping. I googled them and find some online stores but can't understand how to order them online. if anyone knows where they sell them in stores here, let me know OK?

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My (Indonesian) partner's  father just recently suffered a stroke and has returned home.  We want to set him up with some caregiver that also can do physiotherapy. What is a provider you can suggest? 

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Dear all, In order to balance my physical and emotional health, I decide to start having Yoga. I tried myself at home, but it wasn't really efficient. I think I'm going to need an instructor who can lead me in doing this. Do you know where I can get a yoga class with a patient and nice instructor in town?  I would love to have evening class, after I did all of my "responsibility" as a mom and wife. Many thanks.

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Do you know where's the best tanning studio in the city? I'm planning to tan my skin but I have no chance to sunbathe. The safe and comfy one please. -carly-

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