Beauty Clinic in Jakarta for Anti-Aging Treatment

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Ms. Sisipi



Hello forum, I'm back for another problem of mine. I am definately looking for the best beauty or aesthetic clinics in Jakarta that have anti-aging treatment. In my age wrinkle is always a big problem of all. Acne is no longer an issue, but wrinkle and black spot are. I've tried some home treatment from olive oil, honey mask, to cucumber mask. Yet they don't significantly help me out. The best beauty clinic usually has special treatment that is supposed to assist me quickly. I read about diamond peeling or gold treatment but I have no clue where to have such treatment in Jakarta. Please dear help this mid-age lady. Sincerely, Ms.Sisipi


anak betawie 1390849507

I recommend Jakarta Anti Aging beauty clinic which is located in Menteng. Why? you should figure out from the name that it's specialist for anti aging treatment. The good option for anti aging is rejuvenation treatment. It has a bunch of treatment lists offered to you, consult with their beauty consultant to have the right one for you. The fast treatment is botox but I won't recommend that..too risky. To make reservation you can email

Put3 1390914957

Have you tried accupressure? There's one good place in Pejaten, South Jakarta called Dian Aura. It's not really beauty clinic, but they use alternative option of face lifting, by accupressure. Lots of my friends (and I) tried it and it was fabulous. The therapist will do some kind of massage right in the certain points of your face. The price is reasonable from 100K to 300K. The disadvantage is you need to do it frequently to get maximum result.

Jenna L. 1390999821

Bunch of anti aging beauty clinics can be found in Jakarta, dear. Yet, I recommend you to dr. Olivia Ong, the aesthetician and anti-aging specialist. She can do it without surgery. I love the filler treatment for rejuvenation. So comfortable and safe.

2 clinics of hers located at Tomang, Jalan Kamboja and Kebayoran Baru, Jalan Gunawarman. Do making an appt before coming in. Here's the web that you can explore more:

Ms. Sisipi 1391023856

Merci beaucoup ladies, I am so happy having this forum developed with some good references. Dear Jenna, you doctor is promising, is she speaking English? I opened the page and all in bahasa, I don't comprehend well unfortunately. As you said she doesn't use any type of surgery I'm thinking to ask for her help, only if she speaks English.



Loody Skarenda 1391091964

Hi Ms. Sisipi,

It's only an addition for your references of beauty clinics in Jakarta that can help you with the anti-aging treatment, we have directory of Cosmetic Surgery & Treatments. Some of them are dealing with anti-aging, such Clinique Suisse, Define Aesthetic Clinic, InterMED Health Care & Beauty Clinic, Perfect Beauty Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic and many more. They should give their best for you.

Good luck!

Loody Skarenda

my_my 1391382031

I believe there are so many beauty clinics in Jakarta that have this sort of treatment. Yet what you need to determine is what you consume everyday, veggie and fruits, mineral water are the best of all. Laugh a lot will keep you stay young too. 

Ms. Sisipi 1391509875

Thank you so much for all the insights dear. I'm a vegetarian and consuming fruits everyday. I do natural detox once a week as well, I'm not worrying about my daily life at all. It's just wrinkles honey ^^



I am Rachel 1391711041

Another alternative I knew from my grandnanny is eggwhite. Whip the eggwhite and apply to the whole face. Wait until it's dry and wash your face afterwards. Do it once in a week, you'll feel younger.  It's old but it works.

Kinkee 1392062436

What about cellulite? How much it cost to remove cellulite?

Khanza 1392415976

Do you know where can I get Thermage? It's one of many ways of face-lifting. Any idea girls?

Put3 1393004461

For cellulite I suggest you to watch your dietary and life style, they may emege cellulite. Drinking water as much as possible, avoiding junk food, stopping smoking and so on can help you out. Some spa salons have treatment to remove cellulite. I prefer spa to surgery, not only because it's cheaper but also it's 'healthier'. 

Jenna L. 1393330325

dr. Olivia Ong is a beauty expert, she's professional, I definately recommend her. She will be able to help your probem Ms. Sisipi. She speaks English, at least you can communicate well with her. Few Indonesian female celebrities had treatment under her supervision.

nguyenz 1393537592

what about botox? in my country it's so popular, middle age ladies did botox surgery or injection. ut you have to do it frequently otherwise it turns to be disaster. the botox brings magical result, no wrinkles and the skin is so tight. maybe you want to try it, lady. 

La Luna 1394657029

ERHA is my recommendation, they have wrinkle treatment for anti-aging. Been there for my acnes and so satisfied. I'm not addicted to the product, I can say highly recommeded!!!

Darlene-Mitchell-858870 1463557125

Hi Kinkee,
I suggest you to go for non-surgical treatment as it is less expensive and more effective in reducing cellulite see here. In order to reduce cellulite you have to change your lifestyle as it is one important cause of cellulite.

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