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Hi guys, just closed in on a house and am wondering if anyone knows a good landscape designer? It's not a huge garden out in the frontyard but pretty substantial that it needs a good green design. If anyone knows or have used one would be greatly appreciated for a name/number.  Yhanks!

started by: serendipity63 · last update: 1463815973 · posted: 1423733653

Can anybody suggest any residential cleaning services businesses? Need to do a major cleanup this week with our place getting inundated because of the recent floods. Nothing major, but a good part of our furniture was immersed in about 50cm of water. We left abroad over last weekend only to return to Jakarta yesterday to find this mess.

started by: mArvelmAn · last update: 1424080707 · posted: 1424079587

Hi, What's the take on Bandung? I've been in touch with many people working in Jakarta who live in Bandung and stay here between Monday to Thursday/Friday and go back home. Many live in a small kost (boarding room) since they spend most of the time at work and commuting anyway. I have been to Bandung on weekends, but it is really crowded, not much different to Jakarta. Why are people flocking there, apart from the cooler weather?

started by: farah1212 · last update: 1418651688 · posted: 1414851169

One of my fav beige coloured handbags was badly stained by coffee yesterday. I tried to clean it with wet wipes but it seems to have made things worse.  Looking for a handbag cleaning service that is reliable and has good results. Can anyone here give me some pointers please?

started by: farah1212 · last update: 1415911668 · posted: 1406723878

I've been a big fan of IKEA since moving to Southeast Asia. Does anybody know when it is going to open in Jakarta, and where? There's JYSK  I know from other friends in Taman Angrek, but I'm holding out to get my IKEA furnishings.  

started by: genarot · last update: 1415655035 · posted: 1413313459

I want to help a friend who is very busy yet insists she keeps her privacy at the apartment, which isn't serviced, and not keep a maid or even someone coming in regularly to clean the house. We are aware of different cleaning service businesses. Are they reliable and can they staff be trusted alone in the apartment? any experiences (good and bad) don't hesitate to share please.

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I iwanted to post a place to rent. But i see this has disappeard in the Featured or Free Classified. What happened to this? Can anyone advise? Admin maybe?

started by: Brother Chan · last update: 1411247164 · posted: 1363870841

I need to find a good locksmith for my home. last week I had trouble with handle door in my bathroom, I'd got a locksmith worked on it. But this morning the door can't be locked at all. It's stuck! Please help me to find a good one!

started by: Robyn K. · last update: 1409928534 · posted: 1407791700

today we've seen some especially heavy raining around our place. The house we rented has a leaking roof and I want to get it repaired before the rainy season sets in. Landlord says he'll find one for us, but I'd rather fix it fast and give him the bill instead.  If anyone has a good handyman who comes on call please let me know here or send a private message. 

started by: my_my · last update: 1407519579 · posted: 1404241593

Hi all, For those who are renting their own place here and furnishing their house/apartment. Is there a suggestion whether to use water heaters with the conventional type or those with the solar panels? If the latter, what's a good brand and where is the best place to find them?  

started by: soumias · last update: 1398454216 · posted: 1398454216

Please if you have any links or information about renting an apartment or house with garden for a family of 2 adults and 3 children in the area close to the French school in jakarta. thank you in advance

started by: Van Hook · last update: 1395781605 · posted: 1386928536

Give me some references of Victorian furniture stores in Jakarta, please! Going to need Victorian couch/ sofa for my modern Victorian-Georgian decorated living room. A bit hard to find honestly. If possible with the catalogue please.

started by: Van Hook · last update: 1394319030 · posted: 1393427478

will it be any furniture exhibition in jakarta in the next following days? i need an information on it, i'm looking for bedroom set furniture (wooden). through exhibition probably i can get many choices and cheaper price. please do inform me.

started by: Michaelangelo-899679 · last update: 1393429036 · posted: 1384127810

Couple days ago I was invited by my friend's cousin to his house. I was impressed looking at his collection of Borneo handcrafted sofa set, way antique! He said he got it from furniture craftsman in Kalimantan. Too far to hunt, I think. Yet so worthy to have. I may not be gonna buy the sofa set, rockery certainly fair enough for me. In Jakarta, I don't know where to get it, surely somewhere it's just I don't know. I need anyone of you to share your idea about this. So much appreciate it. Thank you.

started by: timmy-941489 · last update: 1390337956 · posted: 1389524237

I will working in Jakarta coming March of 2014, i tried to search some internet website for service apartment rental, but no one was available for renting within 6 mths.I need anyone of you to share your experience about this. So much appreciate it. Thank you.

started by: Khanza · last update: 1390246282 · posted: 1388750559

Where do I can find Disney or cartoon wall sticker in Jakarta? My daughter is demanding to have disney wall sticket at her room since she watched some in YouTube last week. They have to be able to install as well, as I have no capability of it. Does someone have any idea about it? I'll be so much thankful.

started by: Dubois-899689 · last update: 1389885834 · posted: 1389286590

Where can I have a re-varnish for my wooden swing chair? the varnish has been peeled off clearly, I need to revarnish it definately. Anywhere I can ask the work done?

started by: mike101-908270 · last update: 1389651999 · posted: 1378721214

I've been to Mercure Hotel in South Jakarta last week and "distracted" by the mural design they have for each room and the rooftop bar. I asked the staff, they told me the Jakartan artists did it. I imagine my room will be more comfortable and artistic if I have some kind of mural paint. Is there any contactable person I can call for this mural work? How much would it cost anyway?  

started by: Claires77 · last update: 1386199267 · posted: 1382627362

Hi all, I'm experiencing leaking roof at the moment. I need to fix it right before the rainy season. 2 days ago I found out my bedroom roof was leaking, a bit shocked and panic. Could somebody help me find someone who can fix it? 

started by: Kinkee · last update: 1385667231 · posted: 1369387936

Where should I go to duplicate my room keys? My sister will come this week and I have to go for business trip, I'm gonna need to duplicate my keys for her. No need a special locksmith, just to duplicate. Thanks!

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