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Can anybody suggest any residential cleaning services businesses? Need to do a major cleanup this week with our place getting inundated because of the recent floods. Nothing major, but a good part of our furniture was immersed in about 50cm of water. We left abroad over last weekend only to return to Jakarta yesterday to find this mess.


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Hi serendipity63,

Very sorry to hear about that. This year I think the floods could have been better anticipated by the authorities.

In any case, you can always contact the businesses on Domestic Services & Cleaners.

Some services like TukangBersih and MJM Cleaning service seem to be most suitable for the condition you described.

We will look for more services, and see if there are good recommendations for any new ones we find.

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Had this same problem last year ans every time it gets worse.

Hired these guys at Barzani Cleaning, they do all household cleaning but especially sofas and beds.

Call them +62 8577 9302059

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I would just ask the local satpam (security guard) where you live to find a neighbour of his to help you clean up.

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