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1. Ideal placeYou must make a healthy and comfortable orchid house. Place orchids in a protected house that has ideal humidity and light intensity. For orchids, the light obtained must be in the range of 50-70%.The roof of the orchid house must be made from paranet so that the incoming light criteria can be fulfilled. Besides that, you also have to diligently clean the orchid house. Clean the leaves and garbage scattered around it.2. Provide Suitable Planting MediaThere is also a rule for orchid growing media. The planting media must be arranged in two sides so that the orchid flower looks healthy and has many flowers. The arrangement consists of, brick pieces that fill 1/3 the bottom and ferns fill the remaining 2/3. buy some orchids flowers in toko bunga di salatigaThen, the shape of the pot used must be made of clay. This requirement is absolute in order to make orchids become fertile and always grow new and better shoots. Don't forget to choose a clay pot that has a hole for smooth circulation.3. Diligently watering orchidsThe activity of watering orchids is a trivial activity, but often ignored. In fact, this activity is very influential for the growth of orchids.Watering orchidsPreferably, do regular watering twice a day, ie when morning and evening. You don't need to flush on a heavy rain day. Perform the routine at 07.00-09.00 in the morning and evening at 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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