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Hi guys, just closed in on a house and am wondering if anyone knows a good landscape designer? It's not a huge garden out in the frontyard but pretty substantial that it needs a good green design. If anyone knows or have used one would be greatly appreciated for a name/number.  Yhanks!


Loody Skarenda 1387896946

Hi Issakei,

We have list of Tree Surgeons & Gardeners that may help you with your garden. Some of them sell decorative plants as well. Personally, I've never used any of landscape designer before so I'm not the right one who can tell you which one is the best, but hopefully these references are useful. 

Have a great day!

Loody Skarenda


Jenna L. 1388187036

I decorated my fish-pond with It has garden maintenance and service as well. Great job, satisfying. Email at Wish you luck!!!

Issakei 1388443951

Thanks all, will be trying both your recommendations! Much appreciated!

Robyn K. 1390320855

They do impermanent ponds as well? I'm wondering to have a small one near in backyard. when I leave this country I am going to bring it with me. Is there any like that?

bungJamiegoesCrazy 1398809831

Robyn, try to find it in Ace Hardware. Garden section should pamper you with ponds and other garden equipments. My sister found a cute frog lamp for our little backyard there. 

truccoann 1404999272

The gardener who comes once a week at our place has a business doing landscaping.I don't keep his number but next time he's in I can get him to contact you if he is keen. Send me your details if you are still looking for one.

ILovePuppies 1405020079

If Issakei doesn't need I can always use his services. Just moved to a compound behind Fatmawati and the gardener hired by the owner isn't up to scratch.

i want some work done around the koi pool and could use a good estimate.

truccoann 1405020529

Hi Ilovepuppies,

I will ask him to contact you. Just send me your details privately OK.

*thinking too much 1405765516

@ilovepuppies if it's a bigger job than what a gardener could do, try Multi Flora, a landscape contractor. They did our compound, and from what I can tell did a decent job.

i got their number from our landlord (021) 766-4911 on weekdays only.

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