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I've been to Mercure Hotel in South Jakarta last week and "distracted" by the mural design they have for each room and the rooftop bar. I asked the staff, they told me the Jakartan artists did it. I imagine my room will be more comfortable and artistic if I have some kind of mural paint. Is there any contactable person I can call for this mural work? How much would it cost anyway?  


Indira Singh 1378746426

What is mural? What's the difference with graffiti artwork?

Christian89 1378748069

My superficial answer would be:

>> Mural is legal, you even have a professional artist to do it

>> Graffiti, many people consider it as vandalism



Nafeeza Alwi 1378808714

I do agree, Christian89. Graffiti is more to the negative way, while Mural comes with good image, structural and artistic. Maybe it's only a matter of attitude. I appreciate the artworks of those 2 anyway.

Loody Skarenda 1378915048

Hi all,

Mural is an art that visually created on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. The biggest difference between Mural and Graffiti is Mural's done with permission of the property owner, while usually Graffiti is not. So Mural artists are more commercial (they are paid for the painting) than the Graffiti ones (they even do it discreetly).

mike101, you can find more information of hiring Mural artist in Indonesia Mural website. You'll find the artworks in it which are potential to inspire you.The website has an English language option so you won't get lost. Good luck!


Loody Skarenda

Akhmad 1379006874

It's cool!! I wanna have one of my walls get painted like that. How much usually it costs?

Fireme 1380203121

I put mural photo wall for about 3 million (the mural and installment) about 7 months ago. I can even give you the email address for it if you are willing to. It gives a romantic effect to my living room honestly.

RichardRich88 1381921028


thanks for referring Indonesia Mural, it's really nice to see you guys have an interactive session wondering about mural and graffiti. 

Anyway, I am Richard from Indonesia Mural (IM), in case you guys want to talk more about this thing, you can reach me in my number 0856 6423 8686; email:

Or, in case you wanna see some artworks first, feel free to visit our website in, there you can see some of our old artworks since i haven't quite updated it for a while..





Michaelangelo-899679 1389650977

Hi Richard how long it usually takes to make mural for 1 side wall? what material do you use? paint or pylox?

RichardRich88 1389651999

Hi Michael,

it really depends on the size of the wall that you want to be crafted with mural and also how complex the picture is. If it's a normal one under the size around 4x4, it normally takes 3-4 days. It could be longer or faster depending on the difficulties itself..

About the materials, we normally use paint, unless there is a special request from the client.

Do you have any plan on making mural in your mind Michael? U can email me privately in case you wanna ask more details or the quotations





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