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Ms. Sisipi



Hello everyone it's been a while not involving in this forum. This time I have a problem in dry cleaning our rugs, I don't have any ideas where to get the best service, I am too afraid to try any of random cleaning service. I will appreciate any suggestions, remember it should be in Jakarta area dear. Anyway as we all know it's Friday, so let me blow you bunch of kisses and wish you happy weekends :D  


Marianne-894894 1379767860

As far as I know, most of the larger stores selling Oriental carpets in Jakarta may be found in Kemang, Radio Dalam and even over in Bintaro. They not only sell rugs and carpets, but also clean them. Here are some :

Farah's Oriental Carpets (Kemang Raya No 69 Kemang Tel: 719 3936)

Bismillah Carpets (Kemang Raya 120, Tel: 7179 1424)

Pazir Carpets (Kemang 1, 12E, Tel: 7179 3104)

Samad Oriental Carpets (Kemang Selatan 125, Tel: 7199 483)

Laila al Faraby 1379854428

Al Hamd carpets right next to Aneka Bubur (which is the porridge restaurant open 24 hours). Located on Jl Radio Dalam Ujung 123.

Call 7200175. Ask for the boss, Mr Malik.

Akhmad 1379930615

Similar to Laila, Al Hamd is my mom's favorite place for carpets, but I don't really know if they do dry cleaning service as well. One thing that I know that they have the best Persian carpets in town (that's what my mom said)..

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Have you tried Zahoor in Ampera? It's in the intersection of Kemang, Ampera, and Pejaten. I've never been there, everytime I passed the place by I couldn't look the other way.. I've seen some beautiful carpets displayed, they looked like magical flying carpet hehe...


Jenna L. 1380131624

Ms Sisipi you probably  are willing to try Safira Cleaning Care in Tangerang. It's an online carpet cleaning with high quality service. Unfortunately, the website is not provided with English but who knows the operator can speak English.

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Oh, dear all.. I'm thanking every each of you  for the references. I never got failed in having recommendations every time I came up in this forum. What a great discussion! I asked my husband's secretary, and she showed me De Hygienique which quite did Bravo job. I should appear with this reference for them who might need dry cleaning as well. Yet, one day I would love to entrust my rugs to those references you all brought up in this forum. I sincerely once again thank you :)

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Use vacuum cleaner first and then consider using steam carpet cleaning the rugs and carpets. 

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