wooden chair revarnishing

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Where can I have a re-varnish for my wooden swing chair? the varnish has been peeled off clearly, I need to revarnish it definately. Anywhere I can ask the work done?


Ajibb^^ 1389726079

I believe furniture galleries are able to help you with the revarnishing. I usually do it by myself but you know it's not professional, flaws here and there. In Pasar Minggu area you'll find rattan stores, they will help you also. Actually the more peeled off the more antique it will be, that's my thought. There's a restaurant in Kota Kasablanka that intentionally peeled off the furniture to get old and antique ambiance. 

Michelle-894382 1389732130

Couldn't agree more with Ajib. It's authentic to get furniture peeled off you know.

Dubois-899689 1389885834

Unfortunately antique is only my age, my taste is more modest. I've never been to that area Ajibb, do you know if they are available to do the work done at my place? Appreciate if you got their number as well. 

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