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Someone please help me with house hunters in Jakarta!! Now I'm staying in Bumi Mas Apartment, planning to move to "land" as soon as I can. Nothing wrong with the apt but considering living in a house is better my family. I believe house hunters in Jakarta have something for me.. the thing is I have no idea which house hunters can do it for me. I need a minimalist type of house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, terrace and carport, that will be enough. Give me some trustworthy lists, please!

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I'm new in this town so I don't really know where to go for some services, I need some help here. I'm looking for the sofa cleaning service, better they do the service in my apartment, I can't imagine how to take my sofa out from and back into my apartment. Does anyone have any update about this? I'm living at Bumi Mas apartment  now. -Ira-

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Hi I am new in Jakarta. I have my own place at the moment and I need to get some hardware stuff. Where can I find hardware store in Jakarta? Please give me the address as well. Many thanks pals.

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Hi everyone, I left the comfort of Jakarta for a week, only to come back and find the rented unit in Cilandak I have get flooded. As it's a private residence, I could not rely on any building manager. The landlord said she'd get someone in, but I'd like to get people in quickly. Fed up of staying in hotels when travelling, so IF I can help it, I'd rather not be in a hotel when I am here, even for a couple of days. Anyone know of good household cleaners who can clean the carpets and upholstery???

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I've been around the malls lately, noticed two DIY stores. Ace Hardware and Pongs? recommendations on the reliable one?

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