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I'm going to Malaysia next week with my husband and our son, we don't have any reference where to entrust our dog, Billie while we are away. Is there any doggy day care in South Jakarta? We are not going to bring him as he just had surgery last week. 

started by: Khanza · last update: 1427546295 · posted: 1425124448

Does anybody have a suggestion how we can take care of dogs with heavy fur in a hot humid place loke Jakarta?  I want to take my neighbor's dog home as she is leaving him behind due to an emergency. She didn't really have time walk me through. Tommy is a 3 year old huskie.  Is frequent grooming the best solution? Maybe trim his fur more often?

started by: Jenna L. · last update: 1417710645 · posted: 1417267775

Hello friends, I'm thinking of getting a dog. Can anyone suggest any place to get one?

started by: Robyn K. · last update: 1414700149 · posted: 1413484135

Hi folks, Do you have any information for cat lovers and relevant groups in Jakarta?  Particularly those who are into certain breeds like angora and persians? I want to start a club of cat lovers but want to find out about what's already available.

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I am looking to buy a German shepherd puppy. If anybody knows someone whose willing to sell me one (female). Please let me know in this forum or send me a private message.

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We have taken a very adorable labrador (2 years old) from a fellow who got hitched amd whose Indo GF doesn't allow him to keep at their home. I love her like crazy, but she is a lot to handle especially having been raised by the guy from birth. Need some help getting her trained to behave with strangers. Can anybody recommend a good trainer for me quite urgently?

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Does anybody know a store that has a selection of iguanas and lizards in Jakarta? preferably around cilandak, but anywhere in greater jakarta is fine.  

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Have any of you had an iguana? I'm planning to take care one but no experience before. It's going to be my first time having a pet in my life. The reason why I'm interested in iguana is because I always love dinosaurs, believe it or not. I find iguana's look is similar to dinosaurs.  If you have any experiences, I would be very happy to have the knowledge.

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I want to get more information about how to bring/ export a kintamani dog from here to Singapore? A friend will move to Singapore and she wants to bring her kintamani dog along. What to prepare actually? So we can provide everything before exporting him.  Thanks!

started by: Itae Park · last update: 1393192490 · posted: 1381221746

I recently moved to a house that now turns out to be riddled with pests (rats and cockroaches). They are a real bother around the backyard. Despite calling in our landlord who sent an exterminator, the problem hasn't gone away. Who's got a number for a good pest controller? I live nearby Senopati. Itae  

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I found this unfortunate kitten on my way back home yesterday. He was cold of pouring rain, couldn't bear seeing him. I took him home and realized I won't be able to take him care now. It's going to be horrible if I insist to keep him since I usually work 'til night while no one watches him. I must hand him over to the right one, but who? Is there any animal rescue in town that can help me? Or any of you may have interest to keep him? Do let me know please, I need an info urgently. 

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Kinda read an article about the pet shop draft law that should be determined by Indonesian government. I completely agree with the idea. Some pet shops don't really pay attention on taking care the animals, they only have money on their mind, no sense of animal compassion. That's exactly what happened with shark and turtle in Indonesia, extinction is haunting them. They are killed for human consumption sake. It's obviously not fair and I can see clearly our future without them. Indonesia must be grateful for its fauna treasure as tropical country, what the government must do is making the right law for this treasure and preserve their existence for nature equilibrium.That's it and we can hold onto it for the preservation. I, personally, starts to think joining animal NGO to support animal preservation. Please inform me some of them. I can do fund and other supports for them. Merci.

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I need a dog trainer for my rottweiler. Does anyone know something about it?

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Hi all, do you know where I can adopt or buy angora rabbit in Jakarta? Because I really like rabbit but I left my rabbit in Ho Chi Minh. Now I really miss him. Please help me.

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Everyone, I need to find a good vet for my dog. Do you know where to find it?  

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We are leaving Jakarta for a few days after New Year's for an extended break, and not taking our dachshund with us. Our maid is away on her sister's wedding next week. Does anyone know a good place to keep our dog for 3-4 days?

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