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Do you ever hear a gaming joker123 ? i will share to you its so funny games .. 

started by: Archiee · last update: 1432710521 · posted: 1432025494

Hi there everybody, Does anybody know a good English-speaking music teacher who plays: the saxophone and clarinet? Looking to pick these instruments up, and I was told it was good to progress from clarinet first an then move on to either alto or tenor saxophones. Preferably the teacher can come over; I live near Antasari.

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As we near the end of 2014, I wonder if any of you guys have decent ideas for spending the year end in Jakarta or surrounding area?

started by: Kinkee · last update: 1419004979 · posted: 1418557232

Hi all, I just got this interesting (and highly useful) packing tips on my newsfeed. Please have a look and share! http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2014-12-10/the-flight-attendant-s-guide-to-packing-light

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Which place is good for horse riding in Jakarta? Does anybody know which stables has good facilities to learn how to ride a horse?

started by: Da Silva-899677 · last update: 1412356660 · posted: 1412345005

Can anyone recommend family friendly hotels around Menteng? We're having close friends coming into Jakarta and want them to stay close by near our apartment. since they come with kids we also lots of outdoor space for them.  Good ones with ample outdoor facilities like Sultan or Shangrila are too far away to our liking. the other one I can think of close by, around the Istiqlal grand mosque has good open spaces but I would not put them in run down places or those where the staff just don't make the cut when it comes to courteousness.  Told them so many good things about Indonesia I don't want a bad stay changing their image of this place. :-)  it doesn't even have to purport to have 5 stars, any place where kids can play freely and close by with a reasonable comfort level is good enough. i don't trust reviews on the reservation sites as they tend to be dramatized by people either way.  Let me know here or through private mesaage please. Thanks.

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Any recommendations guys?  A decent sportsbar with a relatively "clean" atmosphere?  I want to enjoy my game without being approached by every huntress on the field :)

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We received this information to relay to our readers from the Tugu Hotels group. Acclaimed Australian Blues musician Ash Grunwald will be performing in Bali next Friday, 9th May at the Kakilima by the Sea, Canggu, Bali. For event details please see here: The following is an excerpt from the press release: "...Ash Grunwald, put together his first album, Introducing, leaning heavilyon traditional blues but it was his second album I Don’t Believereleased in April of 2004, that would change his state of play. It was hisfirst album - of many to come - to graft technology onto the deeplyrooted foliage of the Delta swamp.... Ash’s immense credibility as a blues musician crossingthe rich hearth and stepping into the expansive world of mainstreamsuccess, when he combined some undiluted rock n roll, a famous songand some incredible and rather prolific players. Teaming up with ScottOwen and Andy Strachan from The Living End, Ash released a rippingcover of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ (which was meant to serve only as abeacon for Ash’s upcoming national tour) but ‘Crazy’ had a differentmind. Developing a life well beyond the borders of a loyal fanbase,Crazy made it’s way out into commercial radio land, and took Ash withit. Within 6 days of first appearance on Triple M, Ash along with Scottand Andy, had laid down his 7th studio album; the rock monsterGARGANTUA was born.... Having well and truly conquered his homeland with endless touringresulting in a reputation of not-to-be-missed rocking live shows, Ash’sis now shrinking the world with familiarity and making the entire globehis home. NZ, the UK and sold-out tours in Canada, every show, everytour continuing to feed the ravenous beast of Ash’s unparalleledcreativity and his unbridled spirit of diversity... 11 years since the release of that first blues record and hundreds ofthousands of arses shaken since, Ash welcomes you as always to strivetoward life’s greatest mission amongst the chaos and the challenges –the presence of good times, the energy for action and the possessionof a happy heart. www.facebook.com/AshGrunwald || www.ashgrunwald.com "   So, in case anyone is over in Bali on that Friday and keen to listen to some blues music, don't miss this event.

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I'm interested in paragliding nowadays. I have never tried it but I really love to. May you show me where to have that experience in Jakarta? I don't see a highland, where paragliding needs to take off, in Jakarta. Anyone knows?  the crazy pitbull is in the house *o*  

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Where to get diving certificate and special course? I did snorkeling all the times and need to improve my diving skill. Need more info of it please.

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Need to find more about outbound organizer in Jakarta. I'm in charge for the company's year-end activity, outbound activity shall be the best of all. Our employees aren't moving and doing exercises a lot, you see why I'm thinking about the outbound. I've seen some outbounds done located in Bogor, we don't mind as long as reachable by bus from Jakarta. I welcome any suggestions and recommendations.

started by: 1qBd1 · last update: 1382465090 · posted: 1372502350

Hi everyone, Being an avid martial arts enthusiast, I'm curious to spend my time here learning about indigenous martial arts like pencak silat. What are the main schools of silat? Is there a typical school of silat representing a Jakarta-style?  What part of Indonesia does the Cimande school originally hail from?  Appreciate any pointers. Thanks.

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Hi guys, Who knows where American football is played in Jakarta?

started by: Van Hook · last update: 1379079251 · posted: 1372151634

Do you know where we can practice cricket in South Jakarta? I don't know where to find the club for 10 years old boy. My son has a great passion for it, and enrolling him to the official club will be the best option for his future. I'm really looking for it. Thank you.

started by: mike101-908270 · last update: 1377786306 · posted: 1372676730

Do you know where can I find squash court in South Jakarta? I miss doing it somehow, I think I need some exercises after more than a year not playing it at all. 

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Hi, I am very into historical and ethnic things, especially in the city I'm living in, which is Jakarta at the moment. Would you give me some recommendation of museums or historical buildings that I can visit in the weekend perhaps? I mean the ones that open in the weekend or public holiday.

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Do you have any information about Pramuka Island trip package? I've heard about shark thing in Pramuka Island, so curious about that.

started by: Van Hook · last update: 1372689696 · posted: 1370958617

I read an article about Sawarna Beach, it's so lovely. Great view and beautiful beach. Do you know how to get there from Jakarta? I found you are very good in giving direction to places in some topics of discussion, maybe you can help me? I know it's not in Jakarta, West Java if I'm not mistaken, maybe you or friends been there?

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any martial art class/ instructor for my sons (twins)? they are about 4 years old. thanks

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