Premier Expat Mortgages

An independent offshore mortgage brokerage based in Hong Kong, Premier Expat Mortgages was established to service the expat mortgage financing needs for international property investors and offshore based UK and worldwide expatriates.

We work with major lenders such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Bank, Clydesdale Bank through to private banks such as Barclays and Investec. We work closely with each of our individual clients and endeavor to tailor the mortgage financing so as to meet and exceed their requirements.

Premier Expat Mortgages strives hard to provide expert Expat UK Mortgage financing advice for new mortgage financing and refinancing for expatriates and also in helping them to secure overseas based life insurance. We also provide the most effective solution to refinance any UK property to release funds or help clients reduce their current mortgage rate.

Premier Expat Mortgages in all are here to help you locate your new build property, secure your overseas mortgage financing, help clients secure furnishings for the property and then find the ideal tenant to let your new build or existing property portfolio out to.