Property caretaker/gîte manager

Posted by: juliamoss · 1486560685

I am an English woman who has been living and working in France for the past 13 years.  During my professional career in France I have had numerous occasions to act as a translator/interpreter for various businesses operating in the field of tourism, and I have just acquired a master in translation from French to English.  Although I have a passion for the French language, culture and translation I find that I am not really suited to a job translating documents 8 hours a day, seven days a week because I also enjoy contact with other people.


I am looking for employment which will give me the opportunity to use a variety of skills that I have acquired during my professional career.  Prior to my studies as a translator I have worked as a translator, caretaker, residential school supervisor, assistant supervisor for hotel functions/events, gîte manager, restaurant manager and care worker/home help.


Ideally I am seeking a live-in position in the Languedoc Roussillon area:

·         Assistant estate manager (for someone who needs assistance with administration/ translation/ communications/publicity/marketing/guided tours…)

·         House manager (for someone with a second home in France who needs help with the French language/day to day running of the house (managing gîtes), animals etc…)

·         Personal assistant/care worker  ( an English speaker who needs daily assistance with cooking, shopping  mobility and traveling in and around France)

·         Personal assistant to expats who are looking to do business in France: House buying, administration, tourist guide etc…


All the above positions would give me the opportunity to use my linguistic skills as well as enabling me to assist in various other tasks.


I will be very pleased to hear from you if you have a vacancy or a similar position which you feel would suit my profile. I can provide a C.V. and references if required.