Unfurnished Rental Property Langeudoc

Up to €1000 per month
Posted by: Adrian-AaaFlude-979426 · 1608576900

Hi, I’m looking to move to Languedoc area in the new year 2021, travel restrictions allowing of course. I want to rent an unfurnished property to start to get used to the change and determine where exactly I’d like to settle. I’d like a 3 or 4 bed house in good repair with secure garden for approx a year, maybe longer depending on circumstances. I’d prefer not too isolated, somewhere with good community and ability to socialise (when kid starts again!) while not being too in each other’s pockets. I have a very well behaved puppy too, hence secure garden.  I’d also like somewhere undercover to park motorbike and good broadband is a must for work. I know, a lot to ask but if anyone knows of or has a suitable property that might fit the bill i’d be really appreciative if you could get in touch. Many thanks. A.