Wanted , simple accommodation near Argeles

Posted by: Tim · 1516544391


Simple accommodation near Argeles sur Mer for a young French couple and their 11 year old daughter who is severely disabled. She attends a special school in Argeles, and at the moment travels from home , about 2 hours drive, which means that she boards for the week and comes home at weekends.

Her parents are unhappy with this arrangement and want her to be with them each day. It’s not ideal for her as she wants to be at home. She has a degenerative illness so time spent together for them is precious.

They are a lovely couple, very capable, hard working, kind, and they keep things tidy.

A small place to live in exchange for help, property maintenance or guardianship might be ideal. Timescale at the moment is about a year, and during the school holidays they would probably return home.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as time is of the essence, so if anyone knows of a possibility please get in touch . Thank you.