Estate Agents: Lozere

Maurin Immobilier
Real estate firm offers houses, farms, villas, building land and commercial property.
Pierres des Cévennes
Purchase, rental, estimate and sale of real estate in the Cévennes region.
Houses and apartments for rent, sale and purchase. Based in Marvejols.
Blot Réseau Immo
Purchase and sale of villas, barns, country houses, residences and apartments. 
Marcel Immo
Purchase, sale, rental and expertise. Also offers seasonal rentals.
Ardeche Lozere Immobilier
Purchase, Sale and property estimate in Villefort and the surrounding regions.
Chantal Bernard Immobilier
Real estate agency in Lozère. Offers rentals, sales, trustee and estimates.
Vallee Francaise Immo
Independent estate agent specialising in the Cévennes region.
Rocher Immobilier
Houses, apartments  for rent and sale. Also offers property management and valuation.
Cabinet JL Immobilier Des Grands Causses
Real estate agents specialising in buying, selling and property estimate.
Agence La Lauze
All real estate transactions including purchase, sale, valuation, management and rental. Member of the regional organisation of estate agents.
Langonaise Immobilier Agency
Properties for purchase and sale in Lozere and the neighbouring regions of Ardèche and Haute-Loire.
Aubrac Margeride Immobilier
Property transactions, rentals, management and estimates. Located in Marvejols.
Academie Immobilier
Real estate agent based in Ispagnac.
Sologec Immobiliere
Sale, purchase and property rental in Lozère.
Immobilier Occitan
Real estate agency in Mende and Marvejols.