Medical Insurance & Mutuelle

Showcase Star
Bupa Global is one of the largest international health insurers in the world, offering direct access to some of the best facilities and medical professionals worldwide. 
CLEISS - Centre of European and International Liaisons for S...
A French government department acting as a liaison office between the French Social Security Offices and their overseas counterparts. Can also offer translation services of official documents relating to social security claims.
Cabinet Laplanche
All levels of health cover with full assistance and personal help from the Pézenas office (34).
My Matchmaker
Independent broker specialising in helping expatriates find the right international health insurance for their needs from a range of well-known insurers.
AARO Group Medical Insurance
Non-profit organisation, the Association of Americans Resident Overseas, provides a complying medical insurance plan for its members. At 34 avenue de New York in Paris (75).
Axa Agent - Agence William Stoker
Axa agent William Stoker, offering all insurances and investment advice.49 bis avenue Jean Jaurès, Nîmes (30).
Asset management for expatriates providing an overall assessment of assets (finance, life insurance, property, pensions). Specific focus on the international legal and fiscal environment for foreigners resident in France. In Montpellier (34).
Franck Martin Insurance
Private healthcare insurance with AGF as well as car, home or life insurance. At 12 boulevard Petite Provence in Amélie-les-Bains (66).