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transporting 5 General Started by: frisco-496425 · Updated: 1578318562 · Created: 1384878145
Hi does any one know of a company or individual who will transport a woodburner stove from Aude to Scotland.....north of
Finding work 0 General Started by: IzzieHal-946439 · Updated: 1574853450 · Created: 1574853450
Hello everyone. Though not officially an expat in France, I am currently going backwards and forwards between the UK and
Roof leak - insurance claim 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Sarah-Coulson-948639 · Updated: 1573367901 · Created: 1573367901
I have just returned to my apartment to find significant damage to my ceiling and furniture in one room.I was informed b
Nimes area 0 General Started by: Olivia-CREMEL -948219 · Updated: 1573142040 · Created: 1573142040
Hello there,My name is Olivia. I live in nimes with my husband and 1 year old girl. If anyone needs any help etc please
CAR LEASING IN FRANCE 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Aitch-Patel-943655 · Updated: 1570095323 · Created: 1570095323
Hi Everyone, Are there any options to lease a car in and around Cannes please? If so, anyone know what the criteria is t
Mother &baby/ toddler group 0 Families & Kids Started by: Ela-M -945607 · Updated: 1569673835 · Created: 1569673835
Hi guys! I am looking into setting up a mother & baby/ toddler group in Aix en Provence/ Montpellier area.I am looki
Rent a house near Quillan 0 General Started by: Sally-Ricci-945381 · Updated: 1569354797 · Created: 1569354797
Hello,We are an English couple looking to rent a house with a garden, for 6months/year maybe more while we get to know t
stamps 0 General Started by: davidblain · Updated: 1568701215 · Created: 1568701215
Hi found a collection of stamps does anyone know where I can get them valued thanks
What happened 0 General Started by: anita-sandison-930454 · Updated: 1566802752 · Created: 1566802752
What on earth has happened while we have been away. Has everyone gone home?
Children 0 General Started by: anita-sandison-930454 · Updated: 1566802657 · Created: 1566802657
Does anyone live around here with children? I have two children 5 and 10 and we are back here for a while. They really w
Internet & Sky tv problems 0 General Started by: Gary-Mounfield-942901 · Updated: 1566115562 · Created: 1566115562
Does anybody please have a contact for an english speaking internet installer / system repairer in the perpignan area, w
Hairdressers - Ginestas 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Alysha-Martin-942894 · Updated: 1566081339 · Created: 1566081339
Helloi am looking for a hairdressers for my mum and I who are attending a wedding in a few weeks in Ginestas. We are jus
Swimming pool management 0 Home & Garden Started by: Susie-Clark-941305 · Updated: 1563274479 · Created: 1563274479
Hi there,I have a house in 47180 (near Marmande) and rent it for the summer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a poo
Cleaner wanted 0 Home & Garden Started by: Susan-McAvoy-940970 · Updated: 1562780272 · Created: 1562780272
Looking for a cleaner for a private home. Must be reliable. House is near Quillan.
Static Holiday Homes in the UK Park open... 0 General Started by: chalky-483099 · Updated: 1560773522 · Created: 1560773522
Hi peeps,I know a lot of you fine people are now living in France, but do you sometimes get homesick and miss the great
Come on you lot!! 0 General Started by: vogue11-495517 · Updated: 1556143409 · Created: 1556143409
This used to be a great networking site for us in the Aude! Where is everyone?But Im hearing people feel like they need
Living costs 0 General Started by: Helen936117 · Updated: 1555054006 · Created: 1555054006
Hi, we are considering moving to Limoux (once we sell our home in UK) and wondered if anyone could give us any advice on
self employed 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Andwhy67 · Updated: 1551534827 · Created: 1517621237
hican anyone tell me how to register as self employed in France.
Looking for someone to adjust satellite dish 0 Home & Garden Started by: jstarkes · Updated: 1550962921 · Created: 1548678883
U.K. To in france 0 Entertainment Started by: NinaChantal · Updated: 1550962918 · Created: 1516652752
Hi I have a sky satellite dish but just want the channels you can get with freeview tv I've cancelled my sky to sub