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Moving 0 Home & Garden
We have just used bjw logistics  for bringing a part load of boxes from England. We can highly recommend him.
started by: Shazaka · last update: 1516459702 · posted: 1516459702
Is anybody house hunting? 7 Home & Garden
started by: Nic -Clarke-908350 · last update: 1516379810 · posted: 1515588561
What does "HAI" stand for 2 AngloINFO Support
Hi, Happy New Year to all. General question... looking at properties,  - I note, after the price on
started by: lilymo-499868 · last update: 1515850541 · posted: 1515843290
BA flights to Montpellier 3 General
Does anyone know if BA have decided to stop their summer flights to Montpellier. We used it last year but can't see
started by: Neil-Dickinson-919096 · last update: 1515773586 · posted: 1515590986
Anybody driving back to the UK with a van....? 0 General
Is anybody driving over to the UK in a van in the foreseeable future, west country ideally, that has We have a couc
started by: Nic -Clarke-908350 · last update: 1515588517 · posted: 1515588517
Driving School? 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I've been living here 4 years and never exchanged my U.S. drivers license for a French one!  I tried today, an
started by: rebeccann · last update: 1515445811 · posted: 1509471942
A simplified question about capital gains 4 Financial & Legal
Very simple question & please do not answer if you do not understand the question or know the answerIf I own a
started by: Ged-O'Reilly-915166 · last update: 1514991601 · posted: 1513675416
International school Perpignan Narbonne 8 Families & Kids
I am interested in setting up a small private bilingual school for children aged between 6-11 years old in the Narb
started by: AnneStan · last update: 1514643191 · posted: 1276534675
New Years Eve 0 Entertainment
Hello. Looking for any suggestion for New Years Eve events around perpignan as the events there don't seem to invol
started by: Jonathan Jersey · last update: 1514238800 · posted: 1514238800
Capital gains 12 Financial & Legal
We have bought a house in Carcassonne & my wife intends to move there full time before Brexit. I will continue
started by: Ged-O'Reilly-915166 · last update: 1514070495 · posted: 1513523949
What's great about the Pyrénées-Orientales,... 6 General
A quirky question for you...If you're based in the Pyrénées Orientales, do you fancy sharing your reasons for cho
started by: thewritersroom-401251 · last update: 1513759751 · posted: 1512577591
Christmas Day Restaurants 0 Food & Drink
Hello. Dies anyone know of any restaurants open on Christmas Day either in Perpignan or surrounding villages that m
started by: Jonathan Jersey · last update: 1513673628 · posted: 1513673628
Registering a UK car in France using the... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Registering a UKregistered car in Franceusing the new web site.Does anybody know how to apply to re-register a UK c
started by: rhobbie16 · last update: 1513669390 · posted: 1512113598
Car Insurance 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
My English car insurance expires next week. Can somebody please recommend a good English friendly insurance company
started by: Louise-Payne-917190 · last update: 1513514662 · posted: 1513367121
When is a toilet not a toilet! 3 General
I have just returned from one of my regular trips to the Aude. The public toilets if open were at best, terrible!&n
started by: wildone-988732 · last update: 1512331310 · posted: 1511341402
Dentists 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Are there any good English speaking dentists near Clermont l'Herault (34)?
started by: Yvonne-Gerstel-Grant-896678 · last update: 1512134768 · posted: 1511978301
Restaurants open on Christmas Day 0 Food & Drink
Are there any restaurants open near Clermont l'Herault (34) on Christmas Day?  Willing to travel up to 40 minu
started by: Yvonne-Gerstel-Grant-896678 · last update: 1511978383 · posted: 1511978383
CT Scans 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Has anyone had a CT scan carried out in Montreal Clinic Carcassonne? My husband is scheduled for one and we went&nb
started by: Heligan · last update: 1511518624 · posted: 1511382891
Retire to France or not (again!) 9 General
I really do feel I am going crazy with this whole Brexit uncertainty.. Briefly, my husband and I lived in Brittany
started by: Cathy-Smith-910557 · last update: 1511382230 · posted: 1506602087
Property prices Aude 0 Financial & Legal
HiDoes anyone know how property prices have fared in Aude recently?Carcassonne area in particularThanks
started by: nuphilx · last update: 1511137457 · posted: 1511137457