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Healthcare cover 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
We have received our S1 forms from the UK and now have to register here in France, can anyone please advise us wher
started by: john & sue-hall-903828 · last update: 1503066391 · posted: 1499026357
house purchase 5 Financial & Legal
Hi any recommendations  of a currency exhange company for a house purchase,and  what was your experience
started by: gary-nichols-864637 · last update: 1503066081 · posted: 1501771137
Healthcare on reaching State retirement age 0 General
Has anyone experience of obtaining a carte vital in their own right on reaching state pension age, since the rules
started by: Heligan · last update: 1503057565 · posted: 1503057565
Where are the dates of posts? 2 AngloINFO Support
I may be thick, but as a new member who is trying to reply to topics in the 'recent' discussions, how do I know whe
started by: PETER-SMITH-855115 · last update: 1503056347 · posted: 1502286292
Walks Amelie les Bains 0 Sport & Leisure
Oops , I sent before finishing .... Thanks in advance ....
started by: viola-dupre-880812 · last update: 1502810473 · posted: 1502810473
Hello , I will be in Amelie les Bains for... 0 Sport & Leisure
started by: viola-dupre-880812 · last update: 1502810274 · posted: 1502810274
Driving work 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Anyone tried driving as a form of self employment. Ie van deliveries?
started by: Bryan-Tyrrell-899184 · last update: 1502623267 · posted: 1502623267
Electrician 2 Home & Garden
Hi, we are looking for an English speaking electrician as we would like to replace our consumer unit and have some
started by: john & sue-hall-903828 · last update: 1502442806 · posted: 1502183286
Getting rid of an old fridge 4 General
Will shortly (October) be replacing our old built in fridge for a new one. How can we get the old one taken away (o
started by: Rebecca-Mollart-906142 · last update: 1502392613 · posted: 1501500732
Legal Translator for French Citizenship application 4 Financial & Legal
Hi   could anyone tell me the details of a legal court approved translator for the Aude area.   We are ap
started by: TASKER-497318 · last update: 1502193320 · posted: 1473674837
Reupholstering Armchairs 0 Home & Garden
Hi, I am looking for some to reupholster two arm chairs for me, is there anybody who knows of someone who can do th
started by: Christine-Rhodes-860433 · last update: 1502192502 · posted: 1502192502
Moving help. 0 General
Need a strong person to drive a hire box van to south of France. Load it up with furniture with me and then drive b
started by: tcube928 · last update: 1501787657 · posted: 1501787657
Faulty workmanship 1 Home & Garden
Hi I am hoping for some advice. I got our bathroom refurbished during Jan 2016.  Unfortunately the shower has
started by: Ruth1961-499511 · last update: 1501751390 · posted: 1501519827
Responsible Driver wanted to drive small... 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Will pay all expenses flight overnight  accommodation fares fuel - to take UK reg right hand drive Peugeot 206
started by: Joseph Artist · last update: 1501688828 · posted: 1500679236
Australian Belgian kids need to go to school 3 Families & Kids
Hi there, Hoping for some advice. We have moved to france for a year with our 3 kids, 8, 11 and 11. Indeed twi
started by: veronique-de clerck-853362 · last update: 1501688642 · posted: 1458515040
Wifi and wotnots? Barjac 0 General
Hello, This will probably be the first of a great manyquestions so please be kind. I have a completion date for the
started by: Sgt Colon · last update: 1501538329 · posted: 1501538329
Land pricing (terrain non constructible) 0 Home & Garden
Is there any rule of thumb for pricing of a piece of land 'terrain non constructible?'Does anyone have examples of
started by: ashfieldsnowdrop · last update: 1501537577 · posted: 1501537577
earthing rod 0 General
hi anyone had a earthing rod installed,and what would be the approx cost? or a electricians number or email address
started by: gary-nichols-864637 · last update: 1501508072 · posted: 1501508072
Language exchange/outdoor activities 0 General
We  are Australian and spend some months each year in a small village near Castlenaudary. I speak and understa
started by: Barbarah-919402 · last update: 1501502815 · posted: 1501502815
Annoying phone calls from telemarketers 0 General
Is there a Do not Call register in France? It is very annoying that these calls are a daily occurrence.
started by: Barbarah-919402 · last update: 1501501938 · posted: 1501501938