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English speaking dentist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Susanne-Hamilton-976377 · Updated: 1605536798 · Created: 1605536798
Hi. I live near Albi in the Tarn. Does anyone know of any english speaking dentists the region?
Swimming Pool Maintenance 3 Home & Garden Started by: maggie1949 · Updated: 1602832442 · Created: 1517072662
I have a villa in the Carcassonne region and i am thinking ahead when my pool will be up and running. I rent it out for
looking for english couple 3 Families & Kids Started by: Marion-Cauquil-968785 · Updated: 1602803573 · Created: 1598348579
Hello! We are a french couple with a baby who are interrested about find couple english people to make friend. I am look
Teleconnect 0 General Started by: Drvale · Updated: 1600625889 · Created: 1600625889
I have had a contract with Teleconnect (Budget Telecom & now Mint) for over 12 years for their AngloPack. the phone
EHIC card 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Sabkha · Updated: 1600625433 · Created: 1584029947
We are English, retired to France and have no property in the UK. We have Cartes des Sejour permanent .An article in Ang
Radiators.. 0 Home & Garden Started by: duxsi · Updated: 1597270297 · Created: 1597270297
Hello.Has anyone had any success buying cast iron radiators from the UK and installing them in a French home?We are reno
Collapsed wall 0 Home & Garden Started by: Richard-Canning-966713 · Updated: 1595413781 · Created: 1595413781
Hi we live in Montazels, does anyone know of a builder who could repair a collapsed wall.Many thanksRichard
Pool repair and maintenance 0 Home & Garden Started by: Dagmar-Jones-964086 · Updated: 1592758876 · Created: 1592758876
Hi, we are about to buy a house in Minervois with an empty 10x5 pool. It needs a new liner. We know nothing about pools.
Roof leaf in apartment 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Sarah-Coulson-948639 · Updated: 1581543394 · Created: 1573367540
I have just arrived to find a lot of damage to the ceiling and furnitures in one room in our apartment. I was notified a
Father recently deceased 0 Financial & Legal Started by: tracysmyth-500638 · Updated: 1581543393 · Created: 1572745390
My father lived in Languedoc-Roussillon for over 25 years with his second wife and their son. I am one of 4 children fro
mandat de protection future 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Nick S-491925 · Updated: 1581543393 · Created: 1570376937
Hi,I have an LPA for health in the UK and wish to create a similar document in France. I believe that the equivalent is
Internet and Sky tv installer needed 0 General Started by: Gary-Mounfield-942901 · Updated: 1581543392 · Created: 1566114691
Does anybody please have a contact for an english speaking internet installer / system repairer in the perpignan area, w
English speaking driving instructors 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: gayle_stroud · Updated: 1581543392 · Created: 1561379598
My husband is trying to get a French dl. His French is very poor so he took the code test with a school in Paris with a
looking for someone to transport mini argeles... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: stefndr · Updated: 1581543391 · Created: 1560779061
HiI have an old mini in our garage in Argeles. I am looking for someone to transport it to my sons house in Grasse. The
selling french flat 0 Financial & Legal Started by: kudos · Updated: 1581543391 · Created: 1559390753
do the French tax office inform the uk tax office when you sell yr French property if you have payed all relevant CG tax
Transport of furniture from PO France to... 0 General Started by: poppy5-496901 · Updated: 1581372761 · Created: 1581372761
Hi,We have some furniture & personal belongings that need transporting from the Pyrenees Orientales to Essex in the
English book seller 0 General Started by: Maggie-Nicholson-955217 · Updated: 1581333701 · Created: 1581333701
Hi, We heard there was a lady who sells English books in Lamalou market. We've been a few times but she never seems to b
transporting 5 General Started by: frisco-496425 · Updated: 1578318562 · Created: 1384878145
Hi does any one know of a company or individual who will transport a woodburner stove from Aude to Scotland.....north of
Finding work 0 General Started by: IzzieHal-946439 · Updated: 1574853450 · Created: 1574853450
Hello everyone. Though not officially an expat in France, I am currently going backwards and forwards between the UK and
Roof leak - insurance claim 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Sarah-Coulson-948639 · Updated: 1573367901 · Created: 1573367901
I have just returned to my apartment to find significant damage to my ceiling and furniture in one room.I was informed b