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Home Delivery Fresh Meats 0 Food & Drink
Hi. If anybody wants to avail of our Fresh meat home delivery service, before Easter, the deadline for orders Ap...
started by: Donal-O´Leary-891683 · last update: 1490688384 · posted: 1490688384
Looking for rental Carcassonne/Limoux 0 General
We have a property in Brittany but would like to return to the Carcassonne or Limoux areas, within 40km.  W...
started by: sylvw · last update: 1490537253 · posted: 1490537253
Growing tomatoes in Languedoc 0 Home & Garden
Are there any heirloom tomatoes grown here and if so where can I buy plants?
started by: annieinrp · last update: 1490464280 · posted: 1490464280
Looking for Gardener 0 Home & Garden
Hi, I am looking for someone to maintain our garden every two weeks (approx 3 hours) from April to September - n...
started by: Grixey2 · last update: 1490277257 · posted: 1490277257
Looking for a handyman to give me some h... 0 Home & Garden
I move out here some 10 years ago with my brother and sister. My brother died very suddenly 4 years ago and I fi...
started by: catriona-allan-896035 · last update: 1490106078 · posted: 1490106078
Wanted- House for rent 1 Home & Garden
Hello, I am looking for a property to rent for me ...
started by: victoriagrant · last update: 1490101486 · posted: 1490097296
Giving Birth Naturally 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I am currently pregnant with my second child and looking to move to Montpellier/Nimes area. I ...
started by: victoriagrant · last update: 1490097179 · posted: 1490097179
Giving Birth Naturally 0 Families & Kids
Hello, I am currently pregnant with my second child and looking to move to Montpellier/Nimes area. I ...
started by: victoriagrant · last update: 1490097155 · posted: 1490097155
Who is the best rugby team? 10 Sport & Leisure
England equal All Blacks world record for consecutive victories but they say we are still not as good as them - ...
started by: ithacar-ithacar-895397 · last update: 1490008457 · posted: 1489414196
Cancer Support France Open meeting Carca... 0 General
Open Meeting  ...
started by: PR-Office-894025 · last update: 1489931182 · posted: 1489931182
Hi,My partner and I are already renting in the Languedoc region until the end of June, but we are wanting...
started by: John Williams · last update: 1489911764 · posted: 1489911764
Bees - Busy Ones 7 Home & Garden
Bees - does anyone have any ...
started by: Baigie · last update: 1489762037 · posted: 1489170941
Anyone near Oeveillan, Aude? 2 General
started by: Debbie-Lane-895546 · last update: 1489589484 · posted: 1489571388
Help needed parking near Le Somail 4 General
Hello, We are having a holiday next year 2018 in May and are looking for a place to park our motor-home w...
started by: bretonlion · last update: 1489490975 · posted: 1488884377
ECREU Lobby Group 1 General
I can't imagine that there are many of us over here that don't want to have our rights in France protected if / ...
started by: babyrhino · last update: 1489412373 · posted: 1489411132
Pool Heater 3 Home & Garden
I am considering a pool heater. Does anyone have a Calyenty pool heater system fitted, that could offer any info...
started by: baxterjay · last update: 1489308152 · posted: 1488121570
Brexit Alternative White Paper 0 General
A summary of Expat concerns around Brexit.
started by: PR-Office-894025 · last update: 1489045955 · posted: 1489045955
Archery 3 General
Anyone any info on archery classes/clubs in or around the Quillan area? Thanks
started by: kerr2kelly · last update: 1488894981 · posted: 1487243630
Dog carer 1 Pets & Animals
Hello, I'm looking for a carer for my fox terrier , 7 years male, well behaved, for the period 8 mars - 12 april...
started by: Viveka-Griffiths-894047 · last update: 1488887231 · posted: 1487920762
Rental near Carcassonne 5 Home & Garden
Hi, we are seeking a nice house to rent around Carcassonne for 6 months and would like advice on the best way to...
started by: Vickie-Howarth-853752 · last update: 1488733100 · posted: 1487800877
Anybody in Béziers? 2 General
Hi all,My name is Estelle and I have landed in Béziers a month ago after 7 years spent abroad, mainly in...
started by: Estelle-Gautier-894734 · last update: 1488732245 · posted: 1488662347
Emmaus near Narbonne 2 General
Hi A friend has mentioned that Emmaus has an English contact address, but can't find the details. Ca...
started by: emeline-margrit-882282 · last update: 1488630758 · posted: 1488544283
vynyl floor tiles 0 Home & Garden
Hi we are buying house and the survey house shown that the vynyl floor tiles on one level may contain asbestos, ...
started by: peter-whittaker-894082 · last update: 1488542702 · posted: 1488542702
Cat looking for new home 0 Pets & Animals
We have been adopted by a cat whose owner has left her behind. I am allergic and am looking for a new home - I d...
started by: emeline-margrit-882282 · last update: 1488042390 · posted: 1488042390
English Speaking Doctor 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for an English speaking G.P. in the Narbonne area. I live in France and speak some French, but for ...
started by: rebeccann · last update: 1487893488 · posted: 1487875545
Cost of a gas line.. 2 Home & Garden
Greetings,Does anyone have an idea of what a gas line should cost per meter.The distance of the 63...
started by: duxsi · last update: 1487773790 · posted: 1487537067
opening a uk bank account 1 Financial & Legal
I was sure that since last autumn it was going to be possible (by EU law)
started by: shimself-496533 · last update: 1487763153 · posted: 1487696934
Changing/deleting a Classified advert 1 AngloINFO Support
Help! I need to change an advert on the classified tab. It states everywhere that it can be do...
started by: vacancesthezan · last update: 1487182569 · posted: 1487173877
need an armoire collected 0 General
Hi I live in Pezenas and i need to have someone call about and collect an armoire so sale in Pinet 
started by: sosnoopy12-659403 · last update: 1487169844 · posted: 1487169844
Principal provisions of the French Finan... 0 Financial & Legal
Here you can read an article about the F...
started by: Sébastien-GIORDANO-891661 · last update: 1486915695 · posted: 1486915695
Divorce 1 Financial & Legal
After more than 40 years of permanently living in France, my wife and I are getting divorced. We are both Britis...
started by: Malcolm-Cox-892688 · last update: 1486457969 · posted: 1486382316
Bring car back to UK 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello,For moving my car back to UK, I need to use a specialised transport company that can carry cars, li...
started by: EnricoDM · last update: 1486216397 · posted: 1486160686
which area for climate 7 AngloINFO Support
We are looking to buy in the aude or charente maritime/deux sevres for staying from the start of May to the end ...
started by: Ron and Judy-Hastings-891291 · last update: 1485858451 · posted: 1484725896
La Poste Conjuring Trick 3 General
Went to our postbox to check it the other day and found a package inside that was roughly a 100mm cube - way too...
started by: Elvis-Presley · last update: 1485856865 · posted: 1485510024
Builder needed 5 Home & Garden
Hi Does anyone know a decent builder in the Argeles area. We are looking for someone to take down a dividing wal...
started by: stefndr · last update: 1485687501 · posted: 1485261244
Information on languedoc. 1 General
Hi all, is there anyone who knows about living in the area that surrounds montpellier. Advantages and pitfalls. ...
started by: Elly1951 · last update: 1485356065 · posted: 1485189402
Long Term Rental Property 2 Home & Garden
I am looking for a long term rental property for a couple moving to Herault from Australia in January 2017. So f...
started by: 34440MJL · last update: 1484751389 · posted: 1482156419
Find a knitter 0 Home & Garden
I am hoping to find someone who will knit a plain cardigan for me in 2ply alpaca wool.
started by: Ryl · last update: 1484295242 · posted: 1484295242
Parking close to Le Somail 3 General
Hello, Could you please help with this query .. We are coming down from our house in Brittany to g...
started by: bretonlion · last update: 1484041077 · posted: 1483611808
Dog sitter required for February 2017 5 Pets & Animals
Hello, we have a small rescue dog called Doug, he is a french spaniel. We have to go home to Australia for 3 wee...
started by: sclues · last update: 1484032227 · posted: 1482243123
Long Term Rental Required 1 Home & Garden
We are seeking a 3 bedroom house preferably detached with dry secure storage (garage/outbuilding) for long term ...
started by: Lost in France-883750 · last update: 1483881383 · posted: 1483474919
Summer camp/ exchange/ playdate nr Lezig... 0 Families & Kids
We will be in Lezignan-Corbieres for July & August this year and are looking for some activities and friends...
started by: Antoinette-Blain-890498 · last update: 1483737403 · posted: 1483737403
New Mum looking for baby group 1 Families & Kids
Hi there, I've recently moved to France from England with my partner and our 4 month old son. I would love to me...
started by: Faye Greenwood · last update: 1483704663 · posted: 1483704586
Pezenas (Abeilhan) to Bordeaux (Jonzac) 0 General
I know it's a long shot, but is anyone driving west and then north a bit(past Bordeaux) and would like some comp...
started by: Robert 34290 · last update: 1482235265 · posted: 1482235265
Mega Bus? 1 General
Has any one used Megabus from France to the Uk, If so  I would welcome positive and negative  thoughts...
started by: valwat · last update: 1482169219 · posted: 1482082465
Electrician & Plasterer 1 General
Can anyone recommend an electrician and a plasterer between Ruffec and Mansle
started by: sue pickard 1 · last update: 1482008250 · posted: 1481657742
Looking for a decent 22mm Indoor Table T... 0 Home & Garden
Just acquired a property in Cesseras that has a whole big empty half in which a full sized indoor table tennis tabl...
started by: Phil-B-880277 · last update: 1481635073 · posted: 1481635073
Help from a carpenter 0 General
We have a friend who has just lost her husband. He was the most gentle and kind  man you could ever meet
started by: vogue11-495517 · last update: 1481582569 · posted: 1481582569
Price of land for a garden/hobbies 1 Home & Garden
What's a reasonable price to pay for land in the Minervois preferably in the Siran/LaLiviniere region?  
started by: JoeSmith-946928 · last update: 1481389177 · posted: 1481383767
Digging trenches.. 3 Home & Garden
Greetings..    Can someone please provide some basic guidelines for the cost (per met...
started by: duxsi · last update: 1481298020 · posted: 1481131913