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Carcassonne Region. 0 General
Considering a move to Carcassonne or very local area spring/summer next year,from UK. would appreciate a bit mor...
started by: Gastines3 · last update: 1475097780 · posted: 1475053022
Capestang 8 General
Hi, We're coming down from our Normandy home to look at houses with a view to buying. We would like to buy in Ca...
started by: labrousse-500162 · last update: 1475097668 · posted: 1470410967
Moving to Languedoc 6 General
Hi, My husband and myself are going to spend most of the year in the Languedoc and would like advice. We are bot...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1475097557 · posted: 1473000202
waste pipes from bathroom 1 Home & Garden
Hi. I am actually in the Aquitaine but was no category for that? Does anyone know if both toilet and bath/sink w...
started by: kim-gilliar-870785 · last update: 1475054797 · posted: 1475050299
Tap water in Nimes 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi Folks, I just moved to Nimes and live with a cousin. The tap water is disgusting and my family do...
started by: cestmoi-10042291 · last update: 1474919934 · posted: 1474818089
Trying to meet new people 11 General
Hey there!I am french but I have lived in England and plan to go back someday.And, as I'm new to t...
started by: Olivia-Meyze-868701 · last update: 1474884194 · posted: 1473021626
Looking for owner of six Cane Corso or B... 1 Pets & Animals
The driver is a causcasian women in her late 30's to early 40's.  She was in Cessenon sur Orb in Herault on...
started by: yummo-499304 · last update: 1474735643 · posted: 1474619840
AutoEntrepreneur Cotisations 1 General
Do the cotisations paid as an AutoEnt cover basic medical cover?  I have been told that they dont and you...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1474459634 · posted: 1474041207
Camping Car pitch 0 General
We are looking for somewhere to pitch up a motohome from November until end March with access to a plug and wate...
started by: mikec-403539 · last update: 1474109688 · posted: 1474109688
Importing a bike 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone give me a definitive answer about compliance ? I have read a number of blogs etc and I remain confuse...
started by: Phil-Tibbetts-866959 · last update: 1473843580 · posted: 1471261152
Legal Translator for French Citizenship ... 3 Financial & Legal
Hi   could anyone tell me the details of a legal court approved translator for the Aude area.   We are...
started by: TASKER-497318 · last update: 1473837732 · posted: 1473674837
band looking for a singer 2 Entertainment
hi \ll , I know this is a long shot but I'm looking to join up with a band to sing and do so gigs , I love to si...
started by: james-deakin-863952 · last update: 1473794089 · posted: 1473538620
Auto Entrepreneur info 5 General
Hi  I am looking to start up teaching English and doing admin work as an auto entrepreneur.  I underst...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1473677567 · posted: 1473337698
Looking to move to somewhere in Aquitain... 2 Home & Garden
started by: Garrett-Reynolds-869248 · last update: 1473677454 · posted: 1473507420
I have just rented a Livebox 4 from Orange at 3 euros a month. We have a house In Ventenac en Minervois. I also ...
started by: ian42 · last update: 1473580624 · posted: 1473415882
Van & Man 1 General
Anybody know and recommend a man and van for hire in the area between Carcassonne and Castelnaudary? I am betwee...
started by: susanp-920716 · last update: 1473336118 · posted: 1473260188
Help with French naturalisation process 0 General
Hi, has anyone managed to get through the process and paperwork of getting French citizenship. I'm 3 months into...
started by: cloud-497387 · last update: 1473263324 · posted: 1473263185
Long Term Rental Required 4 General
started by: Dave -Mason-865721 · last update: 1473250769 · posted: 1469879649
House Rental/Sit Long Term 7 Home & Garden
Hi,We are a semi-retired professional couple/ex company directors in our late 50's and we are looking for...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1473248512 · posted: 1472121829
Engine Management Analysis 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am looking for a specialist who can analyse engine management problems, specifically light pressure turbo SAAB...
started by: duxfordman-482363 · last update: 1473186178 · posted: 1473186178
English Lay preachers for a cremation at... 1 AngloINFO Support
I have contacted  the website  English Speaking Anglican Church AUde to ask for help but have not rece...
started by: valwat · last update: 1473149952 · posted: 1473145420
Road Blocks in Calais 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For those of you travelling to Calais in the near future...Protesters near Calais have blocked the A16 so...
started by: Madge · last update: 1473145654 · posted: 1473079933
English Lay Preachers in the Aude region 0 AngloINFO Support
started by: valwat · last update: 1473145137 · posted: 1473145137
salt water pool maintenance 2 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend someone to have a look at the ecosalt system on our pool please?There is scale in the pool ...
started by: sarah1108 · last update: 1473064417 · posted: 1472806874
Opticians in France 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone advise me of their experiences of getting an eye test and new glasses in France ?I went into N...
started by: Judy-Bamber-864387 · last update: 1472810840 · posted: 1472745827
English speaking French Notaire 5 General
Hi,Can anyone recommend an English speaking French Notaire initially to translate my English 'Will' into ...
started by: Gordon&Nicole · last update: 1472685185 · posted: 1472393444
No Films 2 Entertainment
started by: collywobbles-921222 · last update: 1472662944 · posted: 1472661567
Shutters 1 Home & Garden
I have bought my shutters back to England to restore. They have been stripped but I want to keep them bare wood ...
started by: Nicola-Burgun-867943 · last update: 1472556781 · posted: 1472205331
Mutuelles and Data Protection 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Joe-Twelve-863099 · last update: 1472535039 · posted: 1472299744
Trying to take it step by step 0 Families & Kids
HelloMy name is Anne.  I am French but have lived the past 23 years in the US.  I am thinking o...
started by: Anne-Bonaudo-867792 · last update: 1472489649 · posted: 1472489649
Know a seamstress or avid sewer? 2 General
Does anyone know a seamstress or someone who is very good at sewing, who might be interested in working on a pro...
started by: Sheryl-Marsden-866183 · last update: 1472121384 · posted: 1470308142
Structural Engineer 4 Home & Garden
Hi,We have suffered a major house fire and need a Structural Engineer to check the condition of the remai...
started by: Steve-Pusey-867230 · last update: 1472057856 · posted: 1471524620
garden tidy up 1 Home & Garden
need someone with gardening knowledge  to prune and tidy shrubs and trees in garden near St Chinian. we hav...
started by: Helen -Willcox-867277 · last update: 1472026956 · posted: 1471595097
Tutor for French lessons needed 0 General
Hi, I am looking for someone around the Sommiere area that can help me improve my French speaking. I have moved ...
started by: Campbell-Bowis-867653 · last update: 1471963218 · posted: 1471963218
Kennels close to aqualand cap d'agde 1 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know if there are any kennels near aqualand at cap d'agde that take dogs for the day?
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1471616272 · posted: 1471097005
Artificial Grass 1 Home & Garden
Fed up with watering and reseeding and don't want to pave or gravel. Can anyone recommend an artificial  la...
started by: LindaJ-499855 · last update: 1471615535 · posted: 1470322489
Aqualand 0 Pets & Animals
We want to visit aqualand, cap d'agde but we have a dog. Does anyone know of any good nearby day kennels for dog...
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1471456997 · posted: 1471456997
Cattery 0 Pets & Animals
We are looking for a cattery in 66.  We live at Vernet but are prepared to travel to find something decent....
started by: scr-428717 · last update: 1471445646 · posted: 1471445646
French TV 5 Home & Garden
We are going to install a TV in our holiday home and want to receive French TV.  I understand that we need ...
started by: Rupert-488070 · last update: 1471343638 · posted: 1470829201
CarShare? Nimes Airport to Beziers 0 AngloINFO Support
Slim chance? Anybody driving back from Nimes Airport (or nearby)Tuesday 16th August towards Beziers / Pezenas? I...
started by: Robert 34290 · last update: 1471196648 · posted: 1471196648
Retirement Home - English speaking 0 Families & Kids
Hello - does anyone know of a retirement home/assisted living facility with at least some English speaking staff...
started by: Nadine-Smith-866228 · last update: 1470371507 · posted: 1470371507
Opticians 0 General
I had a problem buying varifocal glasses in the UK and it took 3 opticians before I got the right glasses. Has a...
started by: LindaJ-499855 · last update: 1470318884 · posted: 1470318884
Brexit 0 General
No one seems to know yet ...
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1469813983 · posted: 1469813983
Fruit cordials 2 Food & Drink
Does anyone know where you can buy fruit cordials here like Robinsons in UK.
started by: Judy-Bamber-864387 · last update: 1469701043 · posted: 1469696006
Parking needed near Carcassonne Airport 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am flying out of Carcassonne next week and need to leave my car for a week.  I have so far been unable to...
started by: Jane-Baird-865550 · last update: 1469699393 · posted: 1469629067
Any Apartments for sale in or near Bezie... 2 Home & Garden
HelloDo you have an apartment for sale in the Beziers area or do you know anybody who does. The Budget is...
started by: phoenix1-537317 · last update: 1469691535 · posted: 1468571019
Supermarkets in Limoux 4 Home & Garden
Could someone please tell me if either Super U or Leclerc in Limoux are big enough to sell a fridge freezer? Man...
started by: smitten-602789 · last update: 1469567223 · posted: 1469350189
On-line french course 5 AngloINFO Support
Has anyone experience od on-line french lessons? My french is okay but I feel a bit of extra study would help me...
started by: emsworthlad · last update: 1469443794 · posted: 1468836340
tv licence 4 Home & Garden
can any one answer this question, someone has said that if you do not watch french tv you dont have to pay the t...
started by: palmerbarbara51-487135 · last update: 1469443651 · posted: 1469027718
LDV Convoy parts 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know of a car parts dealer in France that may be able to get a windscreen for an LDV Convoy. They ar...
started by: heraklitus · last update: 1469382911 · posted: 1468947086