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Car repair and insurance fiasco 3 Financial & Legal Started by: Graham-Wright-1002463 · Updated: 1632665834 · Created: 1630486697
I have a car parked at my holiday apartment in Leucate. Our last visit was in September 2019 and we discovered the car h
Cricket Clubs 5 Sport & Leisure Started by: archie-487873 · Updated: 1630958086 · Created: 1233358441
Hi My husband is keen to find a cricket club in and around the Uzes area. I have noticed their is quite a few clubs a
UK onshore savings accounts for Brits resident... 2 Financial & Legal Started by: scaldie · Updated: 1630941143 · Created: 1607440017
Hello, does anyone know of any UKsavings accounts paying over 0.15% interest that are avaliable toBrits living in France
Strippig paint off doors 2 Home & Garden Started by: Bertha-Walker-910720 · Updated: 1630940135 · Created: 1517215500
Does anyone know where I can get the paint stripped off 6 doors? They have been painted several times. Back in the UK I
Help moving disabled friend back to Wales,... 0 General Started by: Baigie · Updated: 1630602329 · Created: 1630602329
We are in the north of England and have a dear friend terminally ill and about to move back to his home in Wales. They
English counsellor/ life coach 2 General Started by: Phillippa-482554 · Updated: 1630493310 · Created: 1159700096
Does anyone know of an English counsellor, life coach or mental health professional in the Languedoc? Thanks
British painter and decorator available for... 0 Home & Garden Started by: Sanchez-Manning-1000430 · Updated: 1628808211 · Created: 1628808211
Hi everyone,This is just a little post to spread the word that make partner is moving his painting and decorating busine
accountant 0 Financial & Legal Started by: DIANE-WELLON-999399 · Updated: 1626962960 · Created: 1626962960
I have recently moved to France and need to find an accountant in Montpellier. I would appreciate some help. thank you i
Dentist Minervois 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Katy-Beavis-999332 · Updated: 1626890663 · Created: 1626890663
Hi EveryoneI would be really grateful if someone could recommend an English speaking dentist. We are in the Rieux Minerv
Stone eating Bugs 7 Home & Garden Started by: Lynda & Martin · Updated: 1623269654 · Created: 1288438644
We have a large very old inglenook type stone fireplace. In two places the stone is crumbling to powder and almost looks
Legal Advice needed - company going bankrupt... 2 Financial & Legal Started by: Dannielle-Farrant-870576 · Updated: 1622110897 · Created: 1615801934
We have been fighting a legal battle for 8 years with a company that installed photovoltaic panels on our property. The
EHIC card 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Sabkha · Updated: 1621953926 · Created: 1584029947
We are English, retired to France and have no property in the UK. We have Cartes des Sejour permanent .An article in Ang
Interior design 1 General Started by: Ces Shaw · Updated: 1621523032 · Created: 1366057945
We have a house in Vallibrix and would like to talk to some interior designers in the area aboutSA project but are not a
Life assurance 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Colin-Baxter-992628 · Updated: 1619623673 · Created: 1619623673
If the taxable gain is below the tax allowance is there a social charge in France .we live in France but have an S1 form
Life assurance social charges 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Colin-Baxter-992628 · Updated: 1619623428 · Created: 1619623428
Charges etc
Start again 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: potter-493265 · Updated: 1609067251 · Created: 1609067251
I am so glad to see Anglo Info is still going. I thought it had finished. Good to be back.
Wanted: Unfurnished rental in Langeudoc 0 General Started by: Adrian-AaaFlude-979426 · Updated: 1608577141 · Created: 1608577141
Hi, I’m looking to move to Languedoc area in the new year 2021, travel restrictions allowing of course. I want to rent
English speaking dentist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Susanne-Hamilton-976377 · Updated: 1605536798 · Created: 1605536798
Hi. I live near Albi in the Tarn. Does anyone know of any english speaking dentists the region?
Swimming Pool Maintenance 3 Home & Garden Started by: maggie1949 · Updated: 1602832442 · Created: 1517072662
I have a villa in the Carcassonne region and i am thinking ahead when my pool will be up and running. I rent it out for
looking for english couple 3 Families & Kids Started by: Marion-Cauquil-968785 · Updated: 1602803573 · Created: 1598348579
Hello! We are a french couple with a baby who are interrested about find couple english people to make friend. I am look