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Anyone living in or around Laurens? 2 General
Hello thereMy husband and I are interested in buying a house in Laurens, Herault.However, I have just spotted some
started by: Sabine-Aspinall-904666 · last update: 1510927270 · posted: 1510749423
Getting French TV 1 Entertainment
I’m looking to et French Tv in but there’s no arial however we have a small 60cm dish which gets UK Tv and I wa
started by: bojac · last update: 1510557641 · posted: 1510407986
Driving School? 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I've been living here 4 years and never exchanged my U.S. drivers license for a French one!  I tried today, an
started by: rebeccann · last update: 1510076626 · posted: 1509471942
Searching for restaurant or similar business... 0 Food & Drink
We are a couple with 8 years experience running successful restaurants and are now looking for a similar business t
started by: Amanda-Slade-913959 · last update: 1510049750 · posted: 1510049750
Dog Walking nr Bedarieux 0 Pets & Animals
Hi, I'm looking for a dog walker to help my partner whilst I'm away working for November. We're close to
started by: Stevo-Stevens-913250 · last update: 1509365081 · posted: 1509365081
Internet in France 2 General
I have internet with SFR. I would like to cancel this while not there and restart each time I am in the house in He
started by: Paul-Flynn-913075 · last update: 1509178020 · posted: 1509132965
Retire to France or not (again!) 8 General
I really do feel I am going crazy with this whole Brexit uncertainty.. Briefly, my husband and I lived in Brittany
started by: Cathy-Smith-910557 · last update: 1508239294 · posted: 1506602087
Best places to sell LHD Golf headlights 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have my LHD headlights to sell from my now sold Golf Mk V tdi. Can anyone advise best sites to advertise them as
started by: sandjo1 · last update: 1507834739 · posted: 1507800998
Dog cruelty 2 AngloINFO Support
Hi, would love advice on who I can write to Government department wise regarding my neighbors cruelty to his huntin
started by: Andy-Thomas-911485 · last update: 1507616248 · posted: 1507569496
Electrical regs 2 Home & Garden
HI,  thinking of buying a house but it needs renovated part of which is a rewire. I got a quote which I think
started by: Neil-Watson-911108 · last update: 1507233568 · posted: 1507211882
Curry Pastes 2 Food & Drink
Does anyone know of a shop that I can get these from or have any recipes for making your own, looking for a variety
started by: spitfire-182482 · last update: 1507210764 · posted: 1506074259
Buying a car - a suspicion 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm looking to buy a car on a private sale from someone 250km away.  The mileage is low for the age, so suspic
started by: shimself-496533 · last update: 1507060192 · posted: 1506701511
Make fair transitional state pension arrangements... 0 General
Please sign using link below, you will then need to "confirm" from the email in your inbox, thanks - https://p
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1506691502 · posted: 1506691502
house purchase 6 Financial & Legal
Hi any recommendations  of a currency exhange company for a house purchase,and  what was your experience
started by: gary-nichols-864637 · last update: 1506421833 · posted: 1501771137
BREXIT 9 Non-local
BREXIT and its fall out - This is proving to be a much more complex process than the Brexiteers ever imagined when
started by: TrishH · last update: 1506358428 · posted: 1505309265
Electrician 3 Home & Garden
Hi, we are looking for an English speaking electrician as we would like to replace our consumer unit and have some
started by: john & sue-hall-903828 · last update: 1506348522 · posted: 1502183286
Brexit uncertainty 3 General
I've just come across a report by the British in Europe group and the 3 Million group (representing EU expats in th
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1506346648 · posted: 1504957580
taxe d'habitation 1 Financial & Legal
started by: venise · last update: 1506003647 · posted: 1505038170
Dentist & Doctor In Nimes and surrounding... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi everyone,I am in desperate need of an English speaking, competent dentist and doctor. I have been here for one y
started by: cestmoi-10042291 · last update: 1505898711 · posted: 1505767081
Flight cancelled 0 General
Our flights been cancelled so driving back to Glasow via London we have space in a big roomy comfy car share costs
started by: le pomme · last update: 1505811424 · posted: 1505811424