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I am so glad to see Anglo Info is still going. I thought it had finished. Good to be back.

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I have just returned to my apartment to find significant damage to my ceiling and furniture in one room.I was informed by email two weeks ago by the syndic that water had leaked into some apartments and a report would be sent. I have read there is a time limit for making claims (5 days or 10 days). How does this work if you are away when the incident occurs?

started by: Geoff-Petters-922561 · last update: 1519062493 · posted: 1518790189

My husband and I are setting up a property management business for holiday lets. Helping with the letting, swimming pools, gardening, changovers and small maintenance matters.We need a Siret no to start trading as we already have people interested. Can you advise a step by step guide. Many thanks Lyne & Geoff

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Hi, Happy New Year to all. General question... looking at properties,  - I note, after the price on some, the letters HAI appear. Does anyone know what HAI means? Have searched various sites but cannot find an reference. Many thanks 

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Hi, would love advice on who I can write to Government department wise regarding my neighbors cruelty to his hunting dogs which he keeps in a cave opposite my front door. Never seen them walked ever let alone taken hunting. Also it means I can never leave my door open when hot because of the barking, howling, smell and flys. Have talked to neighbor and Marie but nothing done. Have written to Animal Protection Society and they say to deal with Marie and his response was what can I do , he is my Friend. Any advice would be much appreciated, regards Andy

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I may be thick, but as a new member who is trying to reply to topics in the 'recent' discussions, how do I know when they were posted? They could have been around for months. What do the long numbers mean and what am I missing in my attempts to interpret the codes?

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Hi,I am confused re visa requirement -Property owner in France-I am Australian passport holder-married to a Brit and have lived in U.K. past 30 years-I don't want to become resident in France but want to spend more than 90  days there every 180 days -which is what I am allowed as an Australian-I will be retired -Not sure if I apply to Prefecture when in France or apply for long stay visa here,but if domiciled more than 5 years in UK it seems I don't have to apply for long term visa?????Anyone else been in my situation?-Any help appreciated-Katharine

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I see the Anglinfo site continues to play up, I spent 2 days trying to download an advert into the "for sale" section, despite repeated efforts, less pics etc, it simply stops at the sending to AI part...

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I am a fully trained counsellor and moved to France. I would like to continue my practice in this country with English speaking clients. Has anyone tried this and what is the process I need to follow.ThanksBryan

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Hi,My partner and I are already renting in the Languedoc region until the end of June, but we are wanting to extend this for at least another 3-6 months further, whilst we consider our options regarding a permanent move to this region.Does anyone know of a small 1-2 bedroom property for rental that is available from the beginning of July please? We are pretty flexible as to where this might be, although we are looking specifically at the Aude and Herault departments.The main consideration is that it would be suitable for two well behaved small dogs, so a small outside space would be ideal.Anything considered. Please email johnwilliams17@hotmail.co.uk rather than public post in the first instance.Thank you.  :)

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Help! I need to change an advert on the classified tab. It states everywhere that it can be done and to go to "My Angloinfo". However when I log in I cannot find where.Could someone who is more techie than me help with some info and/or a link?thanksMarian

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We are looking to buy in the aude or charente maritime/deux sevres for staying from the start of May to the end of September and can't decide which is better for climate as the research seems varied. Can anyone give us a heads up on comparing both areas please?

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I have contacted  the website  English Speaking Anglican Church AUde to ask for help but have not received a reply.I am looking for an English lay preacher  for a simple funeral at Trèbes crematorium possibly next week.

started by: valwat · last update: 1473145137 · posted: 1473145137

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Slim chance? Anybody driving back from Nimes Airport (or nearby)Tuesday 16th August towards Beziers / Pezenas? I arrive 09:30 hrs RyanAir from Luton. I should be through customs 10'ish, but happy to wait as required. Thanks.

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Has anyone experience od on-line french lessons? My french is okay but I feel a bit of extra study would help me.

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Hi, I think it's a mistake to have the featured ads bleeding through into the classified ads, just as they were starting to pick up.

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The old Anglo Info site was great and easy to use. It has been re done and is now very frustrating to use. For example, there are few photos attached to classifieds. I guess this is because it has now been made very difficult to attach one! I could go on. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

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Please could you tell me how I can delete an advert I placed in classifieds?  The items advertised have now gone and I would like to remove the listing completely.  In the interim I've marked the items as SOLD. Thanks for your help.

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How do you edit or cancel an ad if you've made an error.Peter

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