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Your new site is SO poor its not worth using wont accept photos/its difficult to use, and very unattractive to look at. I'm sure, in a modern world, you could do better.

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Nancy-931998 1460107709

Couldn't agree more.I waited some time because all changes need some getting used to
but no way!! this new site is difficult to use- where are the answers to the posts??
the grayish lettering strain my eyes...TOTAL DISASTER
I used to enjoy nice intersting browsing, now I just feel like fleeing..
Give us back the old site!!
On ne change pas une équipe qui gagne!!

Baggywrinkles 1460797977

To Babyrhino It's quite easy really just go back to the site we used to have, everybody liked it.

babyrhino 1460804953

Thanks Baggywrinkles - maybe that would be best but a bit beyond my power I'm afraid!

I'm happy to work within what we have to give people what they want as far as I can achieve that.

You will see that I have asked for views in another discussion thread about what people might like to see.

Baigie 1461047995

Hello Brian,
I just spotted your message and just want to say welcome and 'Good Luck'. I have used AngloINFO for years and look forward to seeing it grow and develop. I like the look of the new site and can see there are a few glitches to iron out which will take time. Wishing you every success.

babyrhino 1461061329

Thanks Baigie, much appreciated. My wife and I will be taking over the site soon - being trained up at present! - and we hope to take it forward quite a few steps and make it interesting and relevant to people across the region. I have personal experience of the glitches on the new site but I know we will get them sorted out. Thanks for your support and good wishes.

Heligan 1461426354

Think it would be useful to have information pages for people new to the area, like the steps to register a UK car, where to go and with what documents etc. Steps to take to get a Carte Vitale, addreses of where to go in each area, how the various supermarket loyalty cards work. etc. These are all issues that we had to deal with and seek answers for. Good luck. You might want to look at the Brittany site. They have some useful things there.

babyrhino 1461657931

Thanks Heligan

A lot of this sort of information is already available in the "How To" pages that were previously headed as "Information" on the old site but maybe not supermarket loyalty cards and maybe country generic rather than local. I'll have a look at that sort of thing once I take over the site officially which I hope will be in a couple of weeks time. I am attending the annual conference in May and will make contact with the other France regional franchisees then to see what they have and what works.


PeterMorgan 1462162682

Good luck Brian, I hope you can sort out the problems. The site seems to have lost its mojo. Searching topics or locations in discussion turns up zero. One of the values I enjoyed about the site was it allowed me to tap into past postings.

ValDa (Aude) 1462432423

The best thing you could do is ask the website designer to go back to black print on a white background. Everything else, I think we could get used to eventually, but the colours of these pages are awfully difficult especially for older eyes!

Good luck and I hope you do manage to regenerate interest in what used to be a fantastic website.

babyrhino 1462471451

Hello Valda

Thanks very much for your thoughts - I believe that the font has been darkened already in response to previous complaints but I agree, as an older person myself, that the contrast is still not ideal. Not sure that I can get it changed but I will raise that as I have a call with them tomorrow to move things forward on my possible takeover of the site.


ashfieldsnowdrop 1462555046

Welcome, I do hope you make a success of the site. Certainly there are many established readers out here who would welcome some changes. The old version was really useful and fun to browse. If you look at all sections you can see how many fewer postings there are since the new site was launched. Can you put forward a suggestion that as well as being able to search under each section by sub heading that you can go to the heading, click, and see everything posted? I just cannot work out the headings under For Sale, it would be great to just click on For Sale and see everything being offered and not have to try the individual headings one by one. Having said that it is sad that there are very few items being posted now.

babyrhino 1462698014

Hello ashfieldsnowdrop

Interesting user name!

If you want to bypass the category headings and just see recent listings in chronological order this is possible, but maybe not obvious!

For Classifieds when you click on the heading at the top of the page you will find that a big search box with a magnifying glass at the right hand side comes up. Don't put in any search criteria and just click on the magnifying glass and you will get a full listing regardless of category. Scroll down past the paid adverts at the top and there is your list for browsing. Not a very full list at the moment but hopefully we can change that over time.

You can do something similar for Discussions in terms of the magnifying glass search but these come up as a series of boxes with the recent postings rather than a list. I'm not sure why this is different and I have asked and I have also seen comments that the headings in the boxes are a bit too cryptic. I haven't found that to be a problem personally but obviously some do and I have also asked whether this can be changed.

Hope that helps a bit.


babyrhino 1462698189

Slight correction on my last comment having just tested it again. For Discussions you don't even need to click on the magnifying glass, just clicking the main Discussions heading brings up the boxes with the recent posts.

I will now ask whether Classifieds can come up in the same way - saves a click!



ValDa (Aude) 1462729273

You already can find the Classifieds in this way. Just click on the main heading and wait a second or two, scroll down and the 'Recent Posts' are shown further down the page under all the headings and trade adverts.

do-henning-858791 1462795478

This site is really bad: Babyrhino I hope that you haven't put any money into this . Followed your above info and clicked on discussions and : get text written over text - there seems to be a lot on this on the site. Dates are weird; I can't work them out. Lots of blank spaces where I assume something should be . First visited this new site about a couple of months ago and thought , 'what a mess', because over the years having from time to time browsed through the Angloinfo website I thought that I'd revisit it . Re-registered; what a pain ! I suspect that it's the tracking cookies , which I block automatically. Blogs seem to be working OK, 'normal', but not something that I bother much with . Frankly, if today wasn't wet, cold and grey and hence am just passing time, it's not worth the effort.

chris-skinner-852354 1462970348

The franchise owner?? Rather you than me...

Take a look at the Riviera site to see the comments...Not one is positive. Angloinfo lost a lot of regulars during the last update and this one is certainly getting rid of a lot more readers.

Even if the technical problems are sorted (couple of months in and one still can't send a PM) it doesn't alter the fact that the site is complicated, not user friendly and an awful, annoying design.
One is supposed to sort out technical problems before launching a site.

There is no way one can put a positive spin on this disastrous site!!

PeterMorgan 1464345141

What a shame. I'm doing my best to adopt to the new formate, but there's nothing left of the original site, that I can find. Am I looking in the wrong places? Can you bring back al the old discussions? That would be a big boost. You have lost so many loyal readers who are doing their best to cope, but even that kind of loyalty has its limits. In my mind, it started to go downhill when you removed the property classified in an attempt (I imagine) to better bring in more income. Someone, somewhere, should be looking for a new job after this fiasco.

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