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How do you edit or cancel an ad if you've made an error.Peter

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Forum Admin 1461316015

You should go to the Postings section of your MyAngloinfo and edit your post there:

91figaro 1461338825

I'm sorry I must be thick,I've been onto postings and found the ad.Can you talk me through editing step by step please.Peter

babyrhino 1461657595

Hello Peter

I'm the prospective new franchisee as you may have seen in other posts and I see that nobody came back to you on this query. I don't have full access and control of the site yet but I have checked with the centre and it seems that the ability to edit an advert is not available yet but you should be able to delete so maybe you could do that and re-post?

I know this is daft and I know we have some other issues with the new site as I have road-tested a few things myself but they are being worked on - and I hope to have more influence when I take over the site formally, hopefully within a couple of weeks time.


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