Dog cruelty

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Hi, would love advice on who I can write to Government department wise regarding my neighbors cruelty to his hunting dogs which he keeps in a cave opposite my front door. Never seen them walked ever let alone taken hunting. Also it means I can never leave my door open when hot because of the barking, howling, smell and flys. Have talked to neighbor and Marie but nothing done. Have written to Animal Protection Society and they say to deal with Marie and his response was what can I do , he is my Friend. Any advice would be much appreciated, regards Andy

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Be prepared for the long haul,been there got the one is interested everyone is happy to agree with you but I'm afraid nothing ever gets done about it,we even went to the police,same answer this was barking 24/7, all the french neighbours were happy for us to do something about it but would not get involved,the final solution was the dog died......but 4 years of hell,commiserate with you and hope you have better luck than we did

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Cheers, yeah lots of luck needed

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