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Has anyone experience od on-line french lessons? My french is okay but I feel a bit of extra study would help me.

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Madge 1468838412

I've used the BBC website for learning French and I found it pretty helpful up to a point. I've had quite a few friends recommend Babbel though, especially if you're using a tablet or other mobile device, but I haven't personally tried it yet. 

emsworthlad 1468842896

Thanks Madge. I'll give them a go.

babyrhino 1468961273

I've used Learnfrenchbypodcast.

Audio lessons free but useful pdf versions aviailable to buy which give much more information and background to the lessons.

I haven't used it as much as I should have but I did find it to be quite good - have a look and see waht you think.

RGelYesDoc 1469131261

Try the BUSUU app on your phone. Its there when you have 5 minutes to learn and its very colloquial and about situations and events that actually occur in daily life.

TASKER-497318 1469443794

The Michel Thomas cds are great  -   lots for sale on Ebay      Carol  x

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