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My husband and I are setting up a property management business for holiday lets. Helping with the letting, swimming pools, gardening, changovers and small maintenance matters.We need a Siret no to start trading as we already have people interested. Can you advise a step by step guide. Many thanks Lyne & Geoff

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These people may be able to help you. They charge a little but do great work

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Why do you not consider using the 'micro-Bic' scheme? - no registration of any kind is required. Provided your gross income does not exceed €70,000 pa (you should be so lucky) you are just simply taxed on ½ your declared income, without the need to submit any accounts, or have an accountant calculate a taxable profit etc.

There is loads of info on this Ai site to help you - click on the 'How To' button on the bar at the top of the page, and scroll through.

Don't forget to research your 'social charges' liability - an additional Tax dressed up as a social contribution!

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