Where are the dates of posts?

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I may be thick, but as a new member who is trying to reply to topics in the 'recent' discussions, how do I know when they were posted? They could have been around for months. What do the long numbers mean and what am I missing in my attempts to interpret the codes?

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Forum Admin 1502295200

Hello Peter,

The long numbers are, in fact, the date - in computer code. Normally they convert to a readable date in a few milliseconds, so that what you see is the true date.

If the delay in true dates takes more than a second or two it may be down to your broadband speed.

Please email us on languedoc@angloinfo.com if you continue to have an issue.

Heligan 1503056347

Mine don't convert either. Most people have slow broadband in this area.

venise 1504852258

Hi Peter

I must be thick too!!! What has happened to the discussions on Taxe d'habitation and landlords? This is the reason I joined this so-called anglo info forum. But they seemed to have disappeared. I think this site is rubbish quite frankly.

Dave W-839 1504863554

Venise - Have you tried the "Search" box at the top of the Discussions screen? I typed in "Landlord" and found several old threads. The forums discussions seem to stay on for ever - I found some that go back 8 years!

venise 1505038281

Hi Dave - I tried the Search box but nothing came up for Landlord or Taxe d'habitation

Dave W-839 1505051920

Hi Venise - it seems that the Search option only looks for single words. When I searched using the single word "taxe" it came up with a lot of posts, including taxe d'habitation.

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