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We are looking to buy in the aude or charente maritime/deux sevres for staying from the start of May to the end of September and can't decide which is better for climate as the research seems varied. Can anyone give us a heads up on comparing both areas please?

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George Canning 1484745111

Surely it depends on what you want. Do you want the sun cracking the flags everyday and no rain or something more temperate? i'm not actually saying that either of these areas offer a climate like this but your preferences must factor in the choice. Climate records are all available online.

Ron and Judy-Hastings-891291 1484753312

Thanks for replying. We like to see the sun up to about 30 degrees but do not mind there being some rain, just not as many hours as the sunshine. We have looked online but they differ so we hoped someone with experience of both areas could enlighten us. Which area has the most sunshine hours May to September and lower rainfall?

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You might consider the Aude/Ariege border area for example Puivert. This is a very beautiful region in the foothills of the Pyrenees with a lot of forest. In my experience of about ten years, It can get hot in July and August (between 30 and 40), then from September to December, the temperatures are very comfortable with a lot of winter sun (temp 12 to 15 degrees - daytime and 0 degrees nightime). The rain usually falls in May and June. Extremely little or no snow in my experience. There are many sheltered valleys in the area, especially if you go a little bit into Ariege, so you are spared the winds that feature strongly in other areas of Aude. I think that the climate of this region is very comfortable for Northern Europeans. Best of luck with your search

Ron and Judy-Hastings-891291 1484835023

Many thanks Will look at properties around this area next.

phoenix1-537317 1484913919

Yes, well worth a look, remember to check out Le Boncoin for private sales and if you do view, remember to stay at or below 500 metres, this makes a big difference in winter. Another thing that makes a big difference in the valleys is the Aspect, Try to view houses in full sunshine on winter days, then you will know exactly what your winters will be like, avoid the shade, may sound like basic common sense but I was surprised to find that people got caught out on this and ended up in a Narnia like situation every winter !

Elvis-Presley 1485857025

I would just add that the advice you have so far is sound as the suggestions are in the west - the further east you go in Aude, and then into Herault, the warmer it gets. 

Ron and Judy-Hastings-891291 1485858451

Thank for all your suggestions.

We have just had an offer accepted and are looking forward to our new experience in France.

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