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Hello Trying to place an advert in the discussions section but won't allow in the drop down menue - I keep getting a Data Report error ? Please could you advise   Could anyone advise Does anyone know if their's an English speaking team in France for Aviva Insurance ? I still have a blockage in the upstairs bathroom - since the water board dug up the road from a collapased drain ! But we are still affected. I've had a French person contact the water board , but they are not interested ! I've had two plumbers advising it's the outside drain causing this problem. I now intent submitting a claim with the House Insurance ( I'm presumming this would be covered ? )    Any advise would be appreciated

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Hi am I doing something wrong or am I not allowed to place a paid ad.I get all the way through and when I go to pay it says my angloinfo has timed out

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For if you have questions regarding the operation of the site. -----Forums Administrationforums@angloinfo.com

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Hi does anyone know how to complain about an ad on classified please...I've tried all the contact us details on the bottom of the page but they are bounced back as not recognised kind regards

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Hi I am trying to search classifieds for jobs but nothing from small local employers showing up, just big corporates, help plse!

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Is there a problem with this site.  I note that there are very few replies to people's questions and when I have tried to do so on a couple of occasions, it does not work.

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I am a south african legal professional and am contemplating to come and live in france. I have about 13 years experience and have been accepted to do a masters degree in france in order to acquaint myself with french and european law (and hopefully become more employable)   the question however is whether this will be of any assistance in finding work in france ultimately? is it enough or will be non-european status be held against me, notwithstanding.

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I am unable to set the weather forecast to my village name.  The forecast site used to come up instantly with the correct name, what has changed?  Every morning I have to type the situation in and it is annoying.  Help please.

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Hi, Can you tell me how I can update my directory listing. Thanks Sue

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Hello, how do I unsubscribe from the Anglo Info Languedoc-Roussillon group, and then become a member of the Midi-Pyreneees Lot group, as we are relocating from the Aude to the Lot. Thanks in advance for your repluiany, much appreciated Ronan

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Hi, how do I add a photo to my personal info. thanks Sue

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dear angloinfo how do we respond to an add like we used to be able to do ie to add comments or to make changes to our own add

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I recently placed an ad looking for a holiday Gite and I received a few private messages. I also received notification from anglo info saying that someone had posted a response but when I clicked at the link or looked at the advert there was no response just my original message. I had 2 or 3 messages like this, can anyone explain? I would like to reply to all those who were kind enough to post a response and therefore don't want to miss out on those who perhaps did post a response but I somehow didn't manage to receive it.The message I received was as follows-.......... has replied to a Classifieds & Discussions topic on AngloINFO Languedoc-Roussillon for which you requested notification. Regarding the subject - Holiday accommodation required - Carcassonne area.You can view the reply at http://languedoc.angloinfo.com/forum/link.asp?topic_id=9881many thanksJo

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I paid for a classified ad for a frididaire fridge fro sale. But it seems to have vanished from the priority listing. Can you help as I cannot find a "contact" option on your site.

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Members registered with tele2.fr e-mail addresses must update these with their new sfr.fr (or other) addresses, as these old e-mail addresses have now been "turned off" by your ISP. All tele2.fr addresses have also been unsubscribed from the weekly AngloINFO newsletter. If you wish to continue receiving this, you must re-select the option for it when updating your e-mail address. To edit and update your membership profile, just click on the My Profile link in the top-right myAngloINFO navigation box while logged in.

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i have a few ads on this forum, but i would like to delete one of them. Being stupid, i am not sure how to do it!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone tell please...thanks

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Hi, Would it be possible to put a permanent link to http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/BritonsLivingAbroad/index.htm somewhere in the information section? It contains advice from the UK government about what kind of help is available to Britons who want to live in other EU countries. It covers topics such as income support, pensions and taxes along with a lot of other stuff. I think that a lot of people who use your site would find it interesting and helpful. Thanks and regards Alex Stevenson PS. Keep up the good work. I've found this site to be a great source of information and advice since I moved to France. (",)

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Hi Support, A quick question about signatures. can I include my business details in there (company name ad website address), or would that constitute a breach of the TOS regarding advertising? Just want to be sure before I do anything wrong!! Also, if I ca do this, would I be able to do it on all angloinfo sites? Thanks, Richard

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