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My husband is trying to get a French dl. His French is very poor so he took the code test with a school in Paris with a translator and passed.  He is trying to find a school here in or near the Aude to take the driving test. Can anyone suggest a school with an English speaking instructor?Thank you 

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HiI have an old mini in our garage in Argeles. I am looking for someone to transport it to my sons house in Grasse. The car runs and has control technique but I think it would be better to transport it> Anyone any advice or contacts.Sue

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Hi Everyone, Are there any options to lease a car in and around Cannes please? If so, anyone know what the criteria is to get a lease car?Thank you all in advance.

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My wife and I own bikes and need some repairs done. Any bike enthusiasts near the town of Siran 34210 who wouldn't mind paying us visit, will pay something? Email Patrick at zendrun@hotmail.com for more details. Thanks

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I've been living here 4 years and never exchanged my U.S. drivers license for a French one!  I tried today, and was told it was too late and I would have to go to driving school and take the French test to get a permis de conduire. Not happy about this ):  I have been driving for 40 years....Has anyone experienced this before?  Advice?  I was told I probably won't need many hours of instruction, hopefully, as it is very expensive.  Would appreciate any comments/advice.  I am in Aude if anyone knows a good school/instructor.  Thanks!

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Registering a UKregistered car in Franceusing the new web site.Does anybody know how to apply to re-register a UK car in France. I cannot do this as I am not a French Income Tax payer and Ido not fill in yearly tax return. I have a Tax Ref for my Taxe Fonciere andHabitation, that`s all. My local Taxe office cannot help me. I have sent secure messages to the ants.gouv.fr/ web siteand they either ignore or just refer me back to FranceConnect. My local Taxoffice confirmed I cannot do this myself.I have all the paperwork and the Fishe Quital.To log into the new web site is easy enough but I cannot goany further as I need to connect using FranceConnect. Is there another way or can somebody do this for me as athird party?

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My English car insurance expires next week. Can somebody please recommend a good English friendly insurance company? Thank you.

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I have my LHD headlights to sell from my now sold Golf Mk V tdi. Can anyone advise best sites to advertise them as I can post to whole of France. 

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I'm looking to buy a car on a private sale from someone 250km away.  The mileage is low for the age, so suspicion number one, the seller has a decent explanation but you know. ..He's just sent me some more photos, fine, but the number plate is erased.  Um, Am I worried?  What can I do with the numberplate.  Seeing as the photos show an A Vendre notice in the back window it seem rather odd.Looking all this up I discovered www.utac-otc.com which is the "mot" website where you can look at old Control Techniques. - Great.  BUT you have to be the owner first - like that's really helping to cut down on fraud.Anyway the deal is he gets a new CT done, we meet in his place, drive to a branch of my bank to exchange moneys and documents/keys.  Does this sound reasonable?My French will do, been here for a decade, I'm better at French than at carsThanks

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Guidance please - Where can I find details on how to re-register a UK built motorhome in France?

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I have driven my Golf back to the Uk where I am here for a month . I have bought another used car and wish to sell my 2005 Golf tdi. I am the original owner since new and registered it in France 5 years ago when I moved to live full time. Has anyone any experience of doing this and any ideas what is the best way to sell it. I'm only asking about £ 500 . Pity I can't get it back to France as has a year's CT on it still. 

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Could anyone possibly sort me out on some details of selling my 2007 PT Cruiser (UK car) in France?  I've gone back to the states and it's been parked at a friends house (uninsured) since May 2016. As an American I'm not sure what is involved to transfer title- will the Certificate of Conformity and the V5C do the trick?Ginny

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Anyone tried driving as a form of self employment. Ie van deliveries?

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Will pay all expenses flight overnight  accommodation fares fuel - to take UK reg right hand drive Peugeot 206cc convertible from UK to Aude or thereabouts I will add the named driver to the insurance, car in my name on the V5,  all documents complete etc No messers cowboys or chancers please just do not need it. Good little job for someone who has time on there hands, no rush on my part, accommodation the other end - either UK or France to rest before return or set off. Anyway bit of a long shot but there it is car quite small two seater but decent boot size except when electric metal roof is folded down. Contact Joe chaletfrance@hotmail.com I am in UK so ready to meet collect and do. 

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I am looking to hire a bus for about 24 people. A small choir coming from Ireland to sing a concert in Villemagne l'Argentiere near Herepian, Lanquedoc.  The group will be staying in Lamalou Les Bains from 31 August until 5th Sept 2017. I need airport pick up and drop off and we intend to do some sight seeing for the few days.I have tried to contact many bus companies, who don't reply and I got in touch with the various tourists boards who gave me telephone numbers of certain popular bus companies that they recommend, who also don't bother sending me a quote, even though I have telephoned three times. "We are too busy to speak to you this week", is usually the reply.  How hard can it be to find a bus company or individual in the South of France? Any help please, I am getting anxious with all these people to organise. Cordialement Kathryn

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I need to have a small moped bought from the Loire region, post code 71420 - do you know anyone who does this sort of thing. Many thanks.

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HiHas anyone had their RH Drive car pass a CT with stickers on the original headlights ?

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While we were away from our holiday home burglars broke in and stole our car and a 400cc scooter. My French insurance broker thinks because I purchased a disc lock for the scooter not a chain lock AXA the insurance company will not payout anything !!!!       Looking at similar cars on Argus.fr  our car was worth around12000 euros.  On asking the VW dealer from whom I purchased the car new ,they say using the industry norm of Argus professionel  we will only be offered 5000 euros !!     Have any members had similar problems ? To top it all our UK insurance company say they will not payout if we can not produce receipts !!

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I know I have done this all wrong but advice would be welcome.I arrived in France 10 yrs ago driving a UK reg converted truck/camping car. Not knowing if I would stay I didn't register it in France as I had no address. During last 10 yrs I've moved around different regions and the truck has been mostly parked off road except for my (illegal) night-time transitions. Due to lack of finance/work/residence I didn't conform to legal requirements for insurance/tax.I now have sold the truck to a Spaniard IN FRANCE and urgently need advice on how best to transfer ownership. It has no current MOT nor valid registration in UK.  Am I up a creek with no paddle? Would it be best for him to register in his home country, get it MOT/Registered in UK or navigate French Bureaucracy?

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Can anyone explain the difference in the above terminology?I am assuming that superieur are track/tie rod ends.In particular this applies to a rather aged but otherwise functioning Honda Accord 1996 2.0 Tdi.Thanks

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