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Anyone know of and have used a car aircon specialist in the Carcassonne / Narbonne area please? Lack of cooling and Languedoc summer don't go together!

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91figaro 1468488338

I've found that lots of garages will empty and refill the system approx 65 euros and it works brilliantly and the next morning it's empty again.. The machine will tell if there is a leak,but they fudge that part,because any other work is expensive and difficult to diagnose or be sure  that they've found the leak.

babyrhino 1468490204

Thanks figaro - I suspected that and probably should have explained why in my first post. I've just brought the car down from the UK and had time to get it checked but not repaired before I left and the expert in the UK said that the compressor had failed. I have no reason to doubt that but wouldn't mind a second opinion as a new one is a couple of hundred euros - plus fitting, cleaning and recharging the system obviously.

Hence looking for a specialist rather than a run of the mill garage - for the reasons you have put down. I've done an online search and come up with a couple of possibilities but a personal recommendation always helps.

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