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I am looking to hire a bus for about 24 people. A small choir coming from Ireland to sing a concert in Villemagne l'Argentiere near Herepian, Lanquedoc.  The group will be staying in Lamalou Les Bains from 31 August until 5th Sept 2017. I need airport pick up and drop off and we intend to do some sight seeing for the few days.I have tried to contact many bus companies, who don't reply and I got in touch with the various tourists boards who gave me telephone numbers of certain popular bus companies that they recommend, who also don't bother sending me a quote, even though I have telephoned three times. "We are too busy to speak to you this week", is usually the reply.  How hard can it be to find a bus company or individual in the South of France? Any help please, I am getting anxious with all these people to organise. Cordialement Kathryn

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Have you looked at sites like this


Also the people at http://www.moving-to-montpellier.com/ might be able to help you, They do great work and have many contacts for all kinds of services. They do charge of course but quite modestly

Best of luck

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Thank you for your reply, yes, I have tried rebtabusfrance.com. All I get is an automated reply, saying that they have received it but no response after 4 attempts since January. I will try your second suggestion, i don't mind paying for a service.

Many Thanks 

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In our village is a family run bus company that has been around for years.They have buses and mini buses available with drivers.


They are based in Thezan les beziers however we dont think that they speak any English so hope you have some who can translate for the party? They would certainly have what you are looking for

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Thank you very much for your reply, I will certainly use the link, and it seems exactly what I am looking for. I speak good french so no problem there.

Many Thanks 

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Hello, I want to apologise to the person who kindly answered my post re bus hire. I mistakenly pressed 'report' instead of 'post', for this I am very sorry and I thank you very much for taking the time to reply.  I am still having difficulty getting any response for all suggestions. I can't see what the big problem is finding a bus company in the south of france. Many Thanks 

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Hi, I have sent several emails to the bus company in Thezan (autocars theron) but did not receive any replies, their telephone number rings out also. Any ideas? Are they closed at the moment?


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have you succeeded in finding a bus.

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